The masterpiece tote of ” L.L.Bean,” the creator of tote bags. What is its charm?


The masterpiece tote of " L.L.Bean," the creator of tote bags. What is its charm?

L.L.Bean” is an American outdoor brand that is also known as the “originator of tote bags. After becoming very popular in the U.S., the brand landed in Japan and now reigns as a standard item in canvas totes. This time, we introduce the history of the birth of the tote bag, characteristics of L.L.Bean tote bags, and recommended models!

What is L.L.Bean, a brand that everyone has heard of at least once?

L.L.Bean” was born in 1912. L.L.Bean is a popular American outdoor brand with the philosophy of “quality and design that share the joy of the outdoors. The “L.L” in the brand name is derived from the name of the founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, and the brand boasts a long history of over 100 years. Initially, the company developed waterproof boots for hunters, but later developed a variety of outdoor apparel. Currently, tote bag items have become such a standard item that it is no exaggeration to say that “tote bags” are synonymous with L.L.Bean, and the company has earned a high reputation worldwide.

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L.L.Bean” is the creator of tote bags. What is its history?

The “tote bag” has taken root as a standard fashion item. In fact, “Elle Bean” introduced this time is considered to be the originator of the tote bag. At the time when there were no refrigerators, ice was kept in a wooden box called an ice chest to cool things down as an alternative to refrigerators. The Elle Bean tote bag was developed as a bag to carry the ice. Initially, the tote bag was used as a practical item, but in the 1960s, it evolved into a fashion item by using leather materials and offering a wide variety of colors. Because of their large capacity, sturdiness, and ease of use, they attracted the attention of students carrying notebooks and textbooks, who began using them as school bags, and they became indispensable shopping bags for housewives. It became one of the “fashion items that fit into daily life. The “L.L. Bean” tote bag, which was so popular in the U.S., arrived in Japan in the 1990s. Today, they are recognized as a casual and practical fashion item, and are loved by people all over the world.

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Four characteristics of the “Original Boat and Tote” synonymous with ELLERBEAN

Elle Bean “Boat and Tote” features 1) “Tough construction designed to carry heavy ice.

As mentioned above, the L.L.Bean tote bag is a product developed for carrying ice. Because it was developed with the heavy ice in mind, it has many tough details. To prevent water from seeping out when the ice melts, the bag is made of thick, sturdy 24 oz. canvas, and stitched at once by craftsmen without any stitching or temporary fixing, resulting in a minimalist design with a rich handmade feel. The bag is stitched with sturdy nylon threads and double-stitched with multiple stitches at the end of each stitch to create a sturdy construction that is resistant to breakage even when heavy items are placed inside. The bag’s handles and bottom have been verified by Elle Bean’s own hard goods testing laboratory, which has proven that the bag’s handles and bottom will not break even if an object weighing approximately 226 kg is placed inside.

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Elle Bean “Boat and Tote” Feature #2: “Two types of openings are available.

L.L.Bean tote bags come in two types of openings: zippered and unzippered. The “Open Top” type is unzipped for easy loading and unloading, while the “Zip Top” type has a lid cloth and zipper to protect your belongings. It is also nice to know that there is a design that can be used for different purposes.

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ELLER BEAN “Boat and Tote” Feature (3) ” Handle lengths to choose from depending on your needs

There are two types of handle lengths to choose from, regular and long, depending on the purpose and the mood of your outfit. The regular type is recommended for those who want to give a minimalistic impression, while the long type handle is recommended for those who carry heavy luggage.

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ELLER BEAN “Boat and Tote” Feature 4: “Four Bag Sizes to Choose From”

The appeal of Elle Bean’s tote bags is that they are available in four different sizes to choose from. Another feature of L.L.Bean is that you can choose the perfect size according to your purpose. The bags come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large, all of which have ample gussets so that even the small size can hold three 1.5L plastic bottles. Another reason for its popularity is its minimalist design, which has a large capacity but does not make it look like a large capacity. We are happy to offer a wide range of products, from small shopping bags to large-size tote bags that are useful for carrying large amounts of stuff.

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Focus on more than just ELLER BEAN’s classic items! 8 recommended tote bags

ELLER BEAN Recommended Tote Bags (1) “Shoulder Strap Tote that can also be worn over the shoulder

The ” Shoulder Strap Tote ” is almost the same design as the original tote, but with the addition of a shoulder strap. This model, equipped with an adjustable and removable strap, is easy to use, allowing you to choose between a tote bag or a shoulder bag, depending on your purpose and coordination. The zippered design and interior pockets provide secure storage for important items. It is available in a wide range of colors, so you can find your favorite one.

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L.L.Bean Recommended Tote Bags (2) “Solid Boat and Tote for a more minimalist look

The ” Solid Boat and Tote ” is finished in the same color for the body, bottom, and handles to blend in with your outfits. The chic earth colors used in the coloring give this model a cozy look. This model is recommended for those who want a more mature look without being too casual.

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Elle Bean Recommended Tote Bag 3: “Hunter’s Tote Bag made of durable polyester material.

The ” Hunter’s Tote Bag ” is made of 1,200 denier polyester material with excellent durability. This stylish item incorporates outdoor elements and a military-style khaki coloring. The inside is coated with a water-resistant coating to protect the items inside from rain. With an adjustable shoulder strap, this is a heavy-duty item that can be adapted to a variety of uses and styling.

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Elle Bean Recommended Tote Bag ④ “Easy to carry cylinder tote bag

The “Cylinder Tote Bag” is a one-shoulder bag based on the original tote design. The minimalist one-shoulder design can be carried easily and is an excellent item that can also be used as an accent for a coordinated look. In order to maintain the strength of the one-shoulder design, the handle and bottom are made of 8 oz. cotton fabric and reinforced with additional reinforcements. With a design and color lineup that easily blends in with your coordinate, this model is perfect for a quick outing.

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L.L. Bean recommended tote bag (5) “Katadyn Camping Tote with Dantotsu storage capacity “

The “Katadyn Camping Tote” is equipped with an external pocket for even more storage capacity. The tote bag, which tends to have things scattered around inside, can be neatly stored with this specification, making it outstanding in terms of usability. The Elle Bean logo on the bag is a great way to show off the brand, making it ideal for everyday use as well as for outdoor activities.

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Elle Bean Recommended Tote Bag ⑥ “Everyday Lightweight Tote

The ” Everyday Lightweight Tote ” has a lightweight design inspired by the original boat-and-tote. The Everyday Lightweight Tote is made of lightweight nylon material, yet is sturdy enough for heavy-duty use. It can be folded up into a small package, making it a handy item for travel. It can also be used as a bag-in-bag, so it is an excellent item that you can slip into your regular bag and use every day.

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L.L.Bean Recommended Tote Bag 7 “L.L.Bean x BEAMS Deep Bottom Boat Tote Bag with Deep Bottom Design “

The ” L.L.Bean x BEAMS Deep Bottom Boat Tote Bag ” is a collaboration with the popular select store BEAMS, and was a popular item that sold out quickly after its first collaboration in 2014. Unlike the original model, it features a deeper bottom design and uses the same color as the bottom and handle. The one-tone design adds a casual feel to the product. This model is recommended for those who are looking for a tote bag that is slightly different from the original item.

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L.L.Bean Recommended Tote Bag ⑧ “L.L.Bean x green label relaxing grocery tote bag designed for easy everyday use.

This tote bag is a collaboration with “green label relaxing,” a select store that develops products based on the theme of “fashionable everyday life that is good for the soul. The size of the regular grocery tote bag has been updated to a slightly smaller size for ease of use. The tote can be carried in three different ways: as a tote, on the shoulder, or cross-body, so it can be styled according to the mood of the day. The design is suitable for both men and women.

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