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What are some simple techniques to make your spring coordinate more current?


What are some simple techniques to make your spring coordinate more current?

Spring is a time when you can enjoy coordinating your outfits, which are lighter than winter and not as simple as summer. Light outerwear and shirts are the mainstay items for this season, but have you ever noticed that when you wear them over a T-shirt, the outfit somehow doesn’t look quite right? In this issue, we will introduce the causes and solutions for such spring outfits that don’t look good enough.

Why do I feel something is off?The reason why spring coordinates don't look good is in the innerwear

The mainstay of spring fashion is styling with light outerwear. There are many types of light outerwear, including denim jackets, military jackets, and of course shirts that are worn as outerwear. In recent years, new light outerwear options such as shirt jackets and Euro-vintage outerwear have become available. Have you ever tried to coordinate your outfits with such light outerwear, only to find that you don’t end up looking like the stylish people you see on SNS or on the street? In fact, the cause is often the innerwear.

How to put together an immaculate outfit?

The most popular innerwear for spring outerwear is a crew-neck T-shirt. However, many fashionable people these days wear tank tops with wide necklines as innerwear. This difference in neckline gives an “in” look to the outfit.

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Editor Tachibana
Even an outfit that incorporates a shirt as outerwear can be made a lot more modern by simply changing the innerwear to a tank top. However, as a matter of course, the ideal style differs from person to person. It is better to understand the merits and demerits of each trend, rather than forcing yourself to adopt the trend, and to achieve your ideal style of dressing.

For a modern look, using a tank top as an inner layer is recommended, but for a moderately clean look, using a crew-neck T-shirt as an inner layer is better. Italian fashionistas often choose a crew-neck T-shirt to wear with a tailored jacket for a casual look.

Using a tank top as an innerwear also has a crying point of ” it is hard to take off the outerwear and spend time in one piece…”

Coordinating the use of tank tops as innerwear also has the crying point of exposing too much skin when the light outerwear is taken off. Even if you are physically fit and look good in a tank top, as in the snapshot below, there are many situations where you might hesitate to take off your outerwear and spend time in just a tank top, such as in a busy city, a prestigious restaurant, or a stylish café.

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For those who want to achieve a modern look without a tank topChoosing a T-shirt with a wide neckline is an option!

For those who are not comfortable with the use of tank tops, but want to try a more modern, loose-fitting look, we recommend T-shirts with a wider neckline. The loose neckline, which is different from a typical crew-neck T-shirt, creates a modern, spring-like atmosphere.

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Editor Tachibana
T-shirts with wider necklines are currently available in a variety of styles, including V-necks, boat necks, and round necks. Among them, round-neck T-shirts are the ones that look like tank tops and can create a relaxed look. While it is a standard for women, it is still a niche for men, so it is recommended to differentiate yourself from others.

For example, we recommend this T-shirt!

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This is what it looks like when you incorporate ” OLSEN ” into your innerwear!

OLSEN” has a sense of quality that elevates the coordination and a sense of comfort due to the wide neckline. It is perfect for use as innerwear for shirts as well as jackets.

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