What is the charm of PORTER’s “Helmet Bag”?


What is the charm of PORTER's "Helmet Bag"?

We recommend the “helmet bag” for those who are looking for a stylish bag that is different from backpacks and tote bags. While they are designed so that they are not easily seen by others, they are gaining popularity among fashionable people because they can easily fit in with all kinds of outfits. PORTER” is one of the standard brands that offer such helmet bags. Porter’s helmet bag has been used in a collaboration with “HYKE” and is currently attracting a lot of attention.

What is a “helmet bag” in the first place?

First, let’s review what kind of item a helmet bag is. Helmet bags are military-derived bags made by the U.S. military during the Korean War in the 1950s. They are called helmet bags because they were created to carry helmets and oxygen masks. The first model was a simple tote bag, followed by a second model in the form of a drawstring bag in the 1960s, and evolved with the times into a third model around 1967 and a fourth model around 1980. The designs familiar to the general market today are those of the 3rd model and later.

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If you’re looking for a helmet bag, ” PORTER ” can’t be missed!

PORTER” is a bag brand that everyone has probably heard of, and was established in 1962 as Yoshida Kaban’s first original brand. The name comes from “Porter,” a bag carrier in a hotel who has encountered various bags and knows how good they are. The brand logo also depicts a porter. The reason behind the establishment of this original brand is that at that time, buying things at department stores was a status quo, and people were not conscious of “sticking to a brand”. Mr. Yoshida wanted consumers to know which brand produced the bag when they received it in their hands.

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The quality of the bags has long had an established reputation, and the company has introduced a variety of popular series up to the present day. One such popular series is the Helmet Bag. In 2022, a collaboration model with “HYKE” was released and sold out immediately.

Yoshida Kaban”, which is highly reputed even from overseas, is the company that develops PORTER!

Yoshida Bag Factory was founded in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida, a craftsman at a long-established bag factory in Ueno, Tokyo, which is the origin of the current ” Yoshida Kaban. He started making bags when he was 12 years old, and learned from his experience of the Great Kanto Earthquake at the age of 17, when he was able to carry a large amount of luggage by tying household goods to both ends of a string. He learned from this experience that “a bag must be a tool to carry luggage first and foremost. After the canvas backpacks and shoulder bags created after the war created a sensation, the revolutionary “Elegant Bag,” which allowed the girth of the bag to be freely adjusted with a zipper, became a big hit. The bag was used by Her Imperial Highness the Empress before her marriage, and the name became well-known throughout Japan.

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In 1980, the representative designer of Yoshida became a member of the New York Designers Collective, a group that only world-renowned designers are allowed to join, and Yoshida’s products began to be sold in famous department stores in New York and select stores in the United States. From there, Yoshida’s name recognition rose dramatically in overseas markets as well. Since then, Yoshida Kaban has released a variety of items and now reigns as Japan’s proud bag brand. The products that Yoshida has created with his passion and care are still supported by many people, both in Japan and abroad.

Three reasons why Porter’s ” Helmet Bag ” is popular

Porter’s “Helmet Bag” is full of charm for military enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the three main attractions that make Porter’s helmet bags so popular among many people.

Porter Helmet Bag’s Appeal 1: “2-way design that can be used as a shoulder bag or tote bag.

The 2-way specification used in many of the helmet bags. The short handle on the top allows you to carry it as a handbag like a tote bag, or you can use it as a shoulder bag with the strap, which is a great specification that allows you to use it according to the situation.

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Porter Helmet Bag Attraction #2: “Outstanding storage capacity unique to its military origins.

The good thing about Porter’s helmet bag is that despite its simple design, it has outstanding storage capacity. It is equipped with an impressive front pocket, a highly visible main pocket, and even an inside pocket for storing small items. Despite its thin and simple appearance, the bag has enough room for a helmet, and for a one- to two-night trip, a single helmet bag should be enough.

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Porter Helmet Bag Attraction #3: “Lightweight, tough, and hard-working nylon material

Originally made to carry helmets and oxygen masks, helmet bags are mainly made of nylon. The lightweight yet sturdy material is tear-resistant even when heavy items are placed in it, making it easy to use for a long time.

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