Suit and Sneakers Men’s Outfit/Coordination Special! [ 2023 Newest ]


Suit and Sneakers Men's Outfit/Coordination Special! [ 2023 Newest ]

The suit and sneaker styling has become a standard for many fashionable people. Until now, the suit style tended to be tied down by dress theory, giving an unconventional impression, but now that there is a mood that “sneakers are cool on the feet of a suit,” the freedom and expression of coordination and dressing have expanded dramatically. In this issue, we focus on the “suit and sneakers” styling, and introduce some of the most popular outfits and recommended items!

The suit and sneakers look is now a staple in men’s coordination

The coordination of a suit and sneakers has become a civilian style because it is widely recognized as a technique for mixing styles, hybrid dressing, and “hazing” to refresh the impression of unconventional styling and create a “casual” look. This is because of the widespread recognition of the “hazing” technique, which refreshes the impression of unconventional styling and creates a “casual” look. Furthermore, if we look at each of these items from the perspective of changes in social awareness, we see that the suit has been freed from the “uniform” restrictions of business people’s work clothes and ceremonial attire for weddings and funerals, and its meaning has expanded from being a uniform for organizations and ceremonies to a costume for self-expression, and that it has become more than just an athletic shoe. The sneaker, which had been merely an athletic shoe, established its status as a fashion shoe.

Of course, they are unorthodox and tricky in terms of suiting, which emphasizes dress tradition and commitment, but the sneaker’s combination of functionality and design has proven to function like never before as a dress-down gimmick that brings a modern, elegant look and a sense of coziness, and has become a popular fashion accessory among influential celebrities and influencers. The endorsement of the sneaker as a cool styling statement by influential celebrities, influencers, and leading fashion brands has also contributed in no small measure to its popularity. There are various theories as to when this styling first gained attention, but the first time the combination of a dress and sneakers was clearly established as a mode was in Yohji Yamamoto’s 2001-02 Fall/Winter Women’s Collection, which was themed “Adidas,” and although it was for women, it was shown on the runway. A look with a set-up and sneakers appeared on the runway. It was at this time that the first “adidas for Yohji Yamamoto” sneakers, the first collaboration model that would later lead to the creation of Y-3, were unveiled. This was the start of the rapid approach between fashion and sports, and in particular, sneakers evolved into a fashion item that transcended the boundaries of sports and could be worn in a stylish manner.

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Of course, it is true that sneakers had been popular as a hip-hop fashion item in the 1980s with the Nike Air Jordan craze and the breakthrough of Run-DMC, but this was only in the street context, and not in the fashion context of sports brand tracksuits, bucket hats, and sneakers. However, it is widely believed that this was an evolution of the old-school hip-hop style that incorporated sneakers and sports-brand tracksuits and bucket hats, and had nothing to do with dress at this point in time.

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On the other hand, in the Japanese business scene, we must not forget the growing social momentum to wear suits casually in response to the reform of work styles, the public-private partnership project ‘ FUN + WALK PROJECT’ promoted by the Sports Agency, and the new category of business sneakers. These are major factors. Furthermore, from a sociological perspective, many pundits predict that in a post-pandemic world, a more casual and relaxed dress style and dressing down suits with sneakers will become the new normal and standard. Incidentally, the popular foreign drama series “Suits,” which aired from 2011 to 2019 and concluded with season 9, frequently depicts scenes in which the main character wears a suit and sneakers to work, and this drama has also had no small influence in fostering a mood in which wearing a suit and sneakers is acceptable. This drama may have had no small influence on the development of a mood that endorses the suit and sneakers approach to dress.

Even though the suit and sneakers style has become widespread, one must still be mindful of TPO!

Even though the suit and sneakers style has become widespread, it is still not legal to wear a suit and sneakers in formal ceremonies or in situations where the dress code as a business person is respected, due to the nature of one’s occupation or job title. Did you know that there was an incident that reminded us of the importance of respecting TPO when wearing a suit and sneakers? The star of this topic is the pop icon Justin Bieber, who is also known as a rare fashionista. On June 21, 2021, he and his wife Haley visited the Elysée Palace, the official residence of the President of the French Republic, on the occasion of the Fête du Musique, and met President Macron wearing a suit and Nike sneakers. He met with President Macron wearing a suit and Nike sneakers. He also posted a photo of himself with the president and his wife on his Instagram page. The photo was criticized by many people who saw it and went viral on the Internet. The priority over good styling is to respect TPO, and Paris, France, the capital of mode, is no exception to this rule. When wearing sneakers with a suit, in particular, be careful to determine whether or not the style is appropriate for the situation.


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