Neon colors are trending this season! Spice up your men’s coordination with a splash of color!


Neon colors are trending this season! Spice up your men's coordination with a splash of color!

Neon colors have quickly become a trend due to the influence of top brands’ collections. While it is possible to wear it boldly and with a lot of presence, the fashionable adults seem to be in the mood to use it as a chic and subtle innerwear with a sense of color accentuation. In this issue, we focus on “neon colors” and introduce their appeal and recommended items to look out for!

What is the “neon color” trend this season?

Neon color is the Japanese word for fluorescent color. It is derived from neon, one of the rare gaseous elements, and refers to the colors emitted from neon tubes. For the 2018 AW collection, leading brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton have all adopted neon colors. It has quickly become the trend of the season. By the way, the image below shows some of the items from Prada’s 2018AW collection.

Check out the Prada collection available right now!

Using neon color as innerwear will add a modern spice that is both nostalgic and new and ambivalent!

Neon colors” are a color scheme seen in items from the 90s, and also have a futuristic impression. Even the orthodox dark tone winter coordinates can be given a stylish and trendy look with the use of neon colors. For mature men who want to incorporate neon colors into their outfits, we highly recommend using a small area of neon color as a “color accent”. By using neon as an inner layer of outerwear, you can add a nice spice to your outfits without being too assertive.

Next, we will introduce a selection of neon innerwear that will be immediately effective!

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