Step Up Your Style Game with Church’s Chetwynd Wingtip: A Favorite of James Bond and UK Prime Ministers


Step Up Your Style Game with Church's Chetwynd Wingtip: A Favorite of James Bond and UK Prime Ministers

The Chetwynd, a wingtip with an inside wing, is one of the “three great dress shoes” of Church’s, along with the Diplomat and the Consul. They are useful for both on and off-duty with a sense of balance between the calmness of the Balmoral (inside shuttlecock) and the decorativeness of the brogue style. In this issue, we focus on Church’s ” Chetwynd ” and introduce its charm!

Church’s, the prestigious British shoe brand that set the standard for leather shoes

Church is a long-established British shoe brand founded in 1837. It began when Thomas Church, who learned shoemaking skills from his great-grandfather, opened a small workshop in Northampton, a city known as a sacred place for shoemaking. The achievements that this brand has brought to the shoe industry are innumerable. Church created shoes that were curved to match the shape of the left and right foot. Church was also the first to introduce half-size shoes. In addition to these innovations, Church’s name became known not only in Northampton but also throughout Europe after winning a gold medal at a shoe exhibition in London in 1881.

In 1965, Church’s was visited by Queen Elizabeth II, who awarded it the ” Queen’s Award “, the highest honor in British industry. In 1999, the company became a subsidiary of the Prada Group, aiming to further expand its name recognition. While updating popular models from the past to meet the needs of modern people, the company also introduced new modern designs at the same time, gaining new fans.

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The honest approach to shoemaking is still carried on today, more than 140 years after the company’s founding. The company maintains the traditional Goodyear welt method, and a pair of shoes is completed in about eight weeks through a total of 250 processes. By continuing to produce quality, solid shoes with no unnecessary things, Church has established an unshakeable position as an orthodox English shoe brand.

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