Seven charms of “Church’s,” a leather shoe brand representing the U.K.


Seven charms of "Church's," a leather shoe brand representing the U.K.

Church’s” was once known as the “conscience of England” for its reasonable prices and solid quality, and was loved by men all over the world. Today, Church’s shoes are no longer available at the same low prices as they were then, but they are still “a man’s dream” that occupies a corner of authentic British leather shoes. In this issue, we will introduce the hidden charm of Church’s shoes, touching on its history and popular iron-clad models!

Church’s Attraction 1 ” 8 weeks and 250 manufacturing processes

Church’s welted shoes are still made in the same factory in Northampton as they were in the past, and each pair of Church’s shoes takes eight weeks to complete the 250-strong process before being shipped.


All manufacturing is done in the factory through the manual labor and skills of expert craftsmen. The manufacturing method is, of course, the ” Goodyear Welt Method “, the standard for English shoes. *Except for some casual models.

Church’s Attraction 2 ” History of changing the common sense of leather shoes

In the 1870s, most shoes had no distinction between left and right sides, but Church manufactured leather shoes with a distinction between left and right sides. The company also introduced half-size increments in its size range, which was rare at the time. In recognition of these achievements, Church won the Gold Medal at a shoe exhibition held in London in 1881.


Attraction of Church’s 3 “007’s leather shoes have been used by 007 for many years. The leather shoes that symbolize James Bond.

Church’s leather shoes have a long history of being worn by Bond, so much so that it is no exaggeration to say, “When you think of Church, you think of James Bond.

In recent years, Daniel Craig wore Church’s “RYDER3” and other famous models in “Quantum of Solace. Unfortunately, Crockett & Jones has since taken his place, but the image of “Church’s shoes as Bond’s iconic leather shoes” has not changed. In addition to the quality and sturdiness that Church has cultivated as a leather shoe manufacturer, the image of “Bond’s favorite leather shoes” that tickles men’s hearts is one of the factors that support the appeal of Church’s shoes.

Church’s Attraction 4 “The uncrowned king of leather shoes.

Many brands aim for the ” Royal Warrant,” one of the highest honors. In particular, many long-established brands of British origin, especially leather shoe brands, hold the title of Royal Warrant, but in fact, an application is required to obtain this title. Church is known for taking the unusual route of not applying for the title of Royal Warrant itself.


The company was visited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966 for its strong exports, and was awarded the ” Queen’s Award “, the highest honor in the industry (nowadays an application is required, but it was unknown at the time). ), which is of course highly regarded by the royal family.

Church’s Attraction 5 “Existence of enthusiastic fans”

As if to prove the appeal of Church’s shoes, there are enthusiastic fans who say, “I only wear Church’s leather shoes. There are many British leather shoe brands, but what is it that attracts them?


A major factor that determines the comfort and appearance of leather shoes is the “wooden last. The last that has captivated Church fans for a long time is the 73, a traditional last. After becoming a member of the Prada Group, Church has challenged to break away from the old English shoe image by adopting a slim, long-nose design to appeal to young people, releasing a model with studs popular among ladies, and “adopting a more trend-conscious design” and “changing the model name. Perhaps in reaction to this, the models made before the company became part of Prada were nicknamed “Old Church’s,” and deadstock and secondhand items sometimes fetch a premium price. Perhaps in response to this trend of enthusiasts, in recent years the company has reverted to a wooden pattern similar to the old one for its standard models, or reverted to the name of the model before the acquisition.

Incidentally, the Church family, which is the founding family, acquired the manufacturing division of Cheyney, which had developed as the second brand of Church, from Prada in 2011, and is manufacturing models that reproduce the wooden pattern of the “Old Church” period under the Cheyney brand. Is it possible that there are many men who seek the unchanging classicism of the British brand?

Church’s Appeal 6 “173, the successor to the 73 last

The “100” wood pattern was developed as a successor to the “73” wood pattern, which had gained a cult following among old Church fans, and was characterized by a more rounded silhouette than the 73, but the changes were significant, for better or worse. Later, as if in response to the expectations of fans hoping for the return of the 73, a last called ” 173 ” was developed. While the 73 wooden pattern was reconstructed to fit the foot shape of modern people, the traditional silhouette as close to the Old Church as possible was revived, although the width circumference was slightly adjusted. The silhouette is now used in many of Church’s mainstay models.

Appeal of Church’s 7 “Existence of the iron plate standard model

One of the main attractions of Church’s is that there are standard models that can be said to be “ironclads that follow the old design. The premium line developed under the Prada umbrella and the models with a stronger mode color are also attractive, but if you are going to choose Church’s, the classic model with a good old English atmosphere is a royal choice. The most representative model of Church’s shoes should be kept as a man’s best friend.


The “Diplomat,” a classic semi-brogue model with an inside shuttlecock, is named after a diplomat. The Diplomat is a leather shoe with just the right amount of ornamentation, making it easy to match with a variety of styles both on and off the job, making it perfect for diplomats who travel the world. The last (wooden form) features a well-balanced toe that is neither too angular nor too round, and the 173 has an elegant and classic appearance.

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The “Consul” is a standard model of straight-tip shoes with inner wings that is worthy of the model name “Consul” for its simple yet presentable appearance. A pair that you will not be embarrassed to wear anywhere from weddings and funerals to business occasions. The current model uses the 173 wooden pattern. Note that they are not “Consultants” because they are worn by consultants!

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The “Chetwynd” is Church’s classic full brogue with an inner sole. The full brogue design originally originated from country shoes, so it is a classic suit shoe that has its own set of pros and cons. The current model is the 173 model, which is a wooden model. The current model uses the 173 wooden pattern.

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This is a standard full brogue model with inside wings. A pair with a distinctive voluminous egg toe. The rugged yet lovely form creates a country taste appearance. The wooden pattern is 81.

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The “Shannon” is a classic external-blade plain toe, famous for being worn by Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace. The double sole finish is as unique as the voluminous upper with a polished binder finish. The last used is ” 103 “. Compared to the standard last “173,” it features a more rounded toe form. The external shuttlecock style makes it easy to match with casual styles such as denim, making this model a favorite of not only men but also women.

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