Step Up Your Style Game with Magnanni: The Spanish Shoe Brand Redefining Elegance


Step Up Your Style Game with Magnanni: The Spanish Shoe Brand Redefining Elegance

Magnanni is a leather shoe brand that has been in Japan for more than a decade, yet it is still extremely popular. Italian brands are famous for their beautifully designed leather shoes, but in fact, Spanish shoes are as elegant as Italian shoes. In particular, the elegance of Magnanni shoes can be said to be the symbol of Spanish shoes. In this issue, we focus on such a leather shoe brand representing Europe, ” Magnani,” and introduce its charm and standard models!

Magnani is a shoe brand popular for its superb comfort and eye-catching design!

Along with Italian brand Santoni, Magnani is often seen in Japanese department stores. The reason for the brand’s popularity is the comfort of its shoes, which are made using the Bolognese method. In addition, its eye-catching design is also attractive, especially the hand-finishing coloring and the “Opanke method,” in which the sole’s sole is stitched to the upper. Their dress shoes with a variety of elaborate designs are supported worldwide.

Magnani has been in business for over 50 years!

Only 5 employees when the company was founded! Magnani was born in a small town in Spain.

Magnani was established in 1954. The founder, Sebastian Blanco Aldomar, is a genuine shoemaker who started working in a shoe factory at the young age of 12 and has since been involved in shoe manufacturing at numerous manufacturers. After honing his skills at the forefront of Spanish shoemaking, Mr. Aldomar established his own workshop in the small town of Almanza, Spain, at the age of 44. He hired only five employees, and this was the origin of Magnani.

Two years after the workshop was established, he founded the company ” Blanco y Garcia ” in 1956, with Antonio Garcia Pastor as co-owner. The brand name at that time was ” Blanco y Garcia.” Thanks in part to Pastor’s excellent management skills, the Blanco y Garcia name became widely known. Later, the brand name was changed to ” Magnani” with Pasqual Blanco Martinez, the son of the founder, as the head designer. While continuing to produce classic shoes as before, the company also pioneered the development of elegant lines. Gradually, Magnani’s unique style was established.

After changing the brand name to Magnani, it grew into a global brand for “elegant leather shoe making.”

In 1989, Pasqual’s son, Miguel Blanco Bonnette, who had honed his shoe-making skills in various European countries, took over the leadership of the brand, and in the 1990s, left Spain and expanded into European countries such as France and Italy, as well as the U.S. market. In the 2000’s, Magnani shoes made their way to Japan, where they introduced the “Bolognese method” in 2001, and in just a few short years, the brand has grown to rival top Italian and British brands in the Japanese market. In just a few years after entering the Japanese market, Magnani shoes became as popular as top brands from Italy and the U.K.

In 2009, the company launched its top-of-the-line ” Selection ” line, adding more beautiful collections to its lineup and expanding its fan base. From a small town in Spain with only six artisans, Magnani has grown into a large brand with over 150 employees. Miguel Blanco Bonnette and his five brothers Sebastian, Pascal, Luis, Rocio, and Julio are the core of the brand, which offers original and high-quality shoes to the world.

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