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Waterproof spray for shoes [ how to choose without fail & 18 recommendations ].


Waterproof spray for shoes [ how to choose without fail & 18 recommendations ].

Waterproof spray” is indispensable to protect your favorite leather shoes and sneakers from water and dirt and keep them clean. To help you choose a waterproofing spray that won’t cause you to make mistakes, we will introduce our editorial staff’s recommendations and knowledge of the different characteristics of waterproofing sprays depending on their main ingredients.

Types of Waterproof Spray (1)Silicone-based

Waterproof sprays with silicone resin as the main ingredient are mainly developed for use on rainwear, umbrellas, and tents. By coating the surface with a film of silicone, they feature an extremely strong water repellent effect that lasts for a long time. The high effectiveness can be felt from the first day of use. However, since it inhibits air permeability, please note that using it on waterproof and breathable materials such as Gore-Tex may result in loss of functionality, and using it on natural leather may cause it to become stuffy and lose its appearance and texture. However, there are some types of silicone-based materials that do not impair moisture permeability, so it is a good idea to look carefully at the product description, application, and compatible materials before making your choice.

Editor Mitsui
The outstanding water repellency due to the oil film barrier is attractive, but because the coating is oil-based, it is highly oleophilic and not resistant to oil stains. In addition, if it is used on delicate leather materials such as peach skin material, the original texture may be spoiled. On the other hand, it is suited for sneakers made of canvas or nylon if you want to give them strong water repellency.

Types of Waterproof Sprays (2)Fluorinated

Fluorinated-based waterproof sprays can be used mainly on sneakers made of fabric-based materials and leather, as well as on general leather shoes and on long-haired suede shoes. The system coats each individual fiber, rather than creating a film over the entire surface. This system is suitable for shoes and clothes because it ensures breathability. On the other hand, the fluororesin coated on the fibers tends to peel off due to friction, so the effect lasts less time than with silicone-based products. It is important to use it frequently to maintain the effect.

Editor Mitsui
If fluoropolymer particles are inhaled and adhere to the alveoli, they can lead to breathing difficulties and pneumonia. Please be sure to take safety precautions before using this product, such as ” use outdoors in a well-ventilated area, do not use in poorly ventilated bathrooms or doorways, ” check carefully to make sure you, others, or pets are not downwind, ” keep your face as far away as possible when spraying, ” and ” do not use a large amount at one time.”

Types of waterproof sprays ③Silicone and fluorine hybrid type

As mentioned above, there are also types that combine both silicone resin and fluorine resin in a hybrid form, and adjust the advantages and disadvantages of the two in a good way. In many cases, the product is marketed as having a good balance of ” water repellency,” ” stain resistance,” and ” long-lasting performance.

Editor Mitsui
These are the general characteristics of each of the main ingredients of waterproofing sprays, and I hope that understanding them will be one of the indicators for choosing the right one. However, waterproofing sprays are a hotly contested market, with many companies competing with each other, and there are a variety of waterproofing sprays with different characteristics, even if the product is suitable for shoes.

Next, we will introduce a selection of waterproof sprays for shoes recommended by the editorial department.

1) The overwhelming standard of waterproof spray!

The Japanese shoe care brand Columbus is known as a shoe care brand, and Amedas is known as the standard when it comes to shoe waterproof sprays. Many people must have seen this product at least once, as it is often found in the shoe department of select stores and department stores. It is an all-purpose waterproofing spray that can be used on everything from canvas sneakers to smooth leather and suede. It can be used not only on shoes, but also on small leather goods such as bags and hats, so a single bottle of this product will cover all your waterproofing needs.


2) A mix of fluorine and resin for both water repellency and breathability!BootBlack 'Waterproof Spray'

BootBlack was launched by Columbus, the company behind Amedas, with the idea of “creating the finest domestic shoe care brand that the world can be proud of. The product development process incorporates the “voices from the field” of Columbus’ top shine specialists, and reflects the functions and usability demanded by professionals who come into contact with shoes on a daily basis. Bootblack Waterproof Spray is a fluorine and resin coating that provides strong water and stain repellency while maintaining the breathability and flexibility of the upper. One bottle (180ml) is enough to care for about 25 pairs of men’s shoes. The cool bottle design looks great even when left at the entrance.

Check out BootBlack’s ” Waterproof Spray

(3) UV absorber formula blocks not only water and dirt but also UV rays!Columbus 'Protect Spray'

Also from Columbus. Sneakers can be degraded not only by rain and oil stains, but also by UV rays. This waterproof spray contains UV absorbers to prevent discoloration of sneakers due to sun exposure. This is a reliable product developed by Columbus, a company that handles a wide range of shoe care products. The same series also includes a conditioning spray for nourishment and leather protection , and a deodorant jet spray for sterilization and deodorization, so it is recommended to have a complete set for those who want to keep their favorite sneakers in good condition for a long time.

Check out Columbus’ ” Protect Spray “.

(4) Carbon dioxide gas makes the water repellent component about 1.5 times stronger than normal!

While ordinary waterproof sprays contain separate waterproofing ingredients in the gusts, M. MOWBRAY’s Protector Alpha uses carbon dioxide gas, so the gas and ingredients are mixed in the bottle, successfully containing about 1.5 times more water-repellent ingredients than usual. It has achieved a more effective water-repellent performance. Simply spraying it on shoes is sufficient to protect them from rain, but the brand recommends spraying it on the hems of pants as well on days when the rain footing is strong.

Check out M.MOWBRAY’s ” Protector Alpha.

(5) UV Protection for Sun Protection!

Collonil is a leading leather care brand by Salzenbrod, Germany. The brand’s Waterstop Spray is an all-purpose waterproofing spray formulated with fluorine and resin that can be used on all kinds of materials, and its quick-drying type makes it safe to use on delicate leather items. The spray’s large 400ml volume makes it ideal for outdoor goods with a large spray area, such as tents and sleeping bags.

Check out Collonil’s ” Water Stop Spray

⑥High-performance waterproof spray that can also be used on furSAPHIR NOIR 'Waterproof Spray'

High-performance waterproof spray from Saphir Noir that shuts out not only water and oil but also mud, dust, and other dirt thanks to fluorine Pick up. It can be used not only on leather and cloth, but also on fur. The ingredients do not impair breathability, so it can be used on breathable and waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex. The luxurious bottle design is also a must-have!

Check out SAPHIR NOIR’s ” Waterproof Spray


New pull-lever design and refillable refills “]

Repel, Jason Mark’s waterproof spray that is extremely popular for sneaker cleaner. Compared to other spray can-type products, Repel has an unusual pull-lever type design and features an ergonomic handle design that is easy to grip. Repel also sells refills, which can be reused by simply replacing the spray head, a sustainable specification that is unique to this product.

Check out JASON MARKK’s “Repel

8) A high-capacity waterproof spray developed to protect sneakers.MARQUEE PLAYER 'For SNEAKER WATER+STAIN REPELLENT #01'

“Designed to repel rain and oil stains that cause damage and protect sneakers This waterproof spray was created to “protect sneakers by repelling rain and oil stains that cause damage. It can be used on canvas, synthetic synthetic leather, natural leather, and other materials that make up sneakers, and is formulated with ingredients calculated not to leave white spray marks or damage breathability, which is common with waterproof/water-repellent sprays. The stylish bottle design is also a nice touch. The stylish bottle design is also a nice touch.


⑨ Amazing waterproof performance made for sneakersCrep Protect 'Waterproof Spray'

Crep Protect’s waterproof spray was developed for sneaker care. It is a waterproof spray that has gained the trust of sneakerheads around the world for its amazing water repellency that repels most liquids. It completely shuts out even viscous liquids such as ketchup that easily transfer color, and its waterproof performance is such that it can be rinsed off cleanly with water, so you can wear your rare sneakers with peace of mind, even if they get a little dirty.

Check out Crep Protect’s ” Waterproof Spray.

“I sprayed waterproofing spray on my expensive rare sneakers and they turned out to be white and powdery…” KICKS GOLD waterproof spray was developed for those who want to avoid such tragedies while maintaining a high waterproofing and water-repellent effect. By adopting a hybrid type containing fluorine and silicon, the waterproofing and water-repellency effects are maximized to last longer. Furthermore, by adjusting the amount of fluorine and silicon in the spray, the “white powdering” phenomenon often seen with conventional waterproofing sprays has been suppressed.

Check out KICKS GOLD’s ” Sneaker Waterproof Spray

11) British manufacturer recognized by prestigious leather shoe brandsDASCO 'Rain Protector Spray'

The company has been entrusted by renowned British leather shoe brands such as John Robb, Edward Green, and Crockett & Jones with the OEM of genuine shoe trees and shoe cream. Dasco is a shoe care product manufacturer trusted by prestigious shoe brands such as John Lobb, Edward Green, and Crockett & Jones. The company has earned the trust of prestigious leather shoe brands, and is well-known for its capabilities. Dusco’s Rain Protector Spray can be used on smooth leather suede, fabric, and wool products, and adds a powerful waterproofing effect to all fabrics. It is recommended for use not only on leather shoes and bags, but also on outerwear such as leather jackets and sofas where spilled drinks are a concern.

Check out DASCO’s ” Rain Protector Spray.

⑫Environmentally friendly, fluorine-free, silicone-based water repellent spray

While hybrid-type waterproof sprays that mix fluorine and silicone are attracting attention, North While hybrid waterproofing sprays that mix fluorine and silicone are attracting attention, The North Face is developing an environmentally friendly silicone-based water repellent spray that does not use fluorine. While silicone-based water repellent sprays are expected to have long-lasting performance, they have a strong image of being limited in the materials they can be used on, but this is a rare product that can be used on a wide range of products including jackets, rainwear, tents, bags, and shoes made of non-natural materials. The aerosol spray dries quickly and allows for easy waterproofing.

Check out THE NORTH FACE’s ” TNF Care Waterproof Spray.

⑬ A hybrid of fluorine and silicone for lasting water repellent performance!Dr. CLENZ 'Waterproof Spray'

This waterproof spray uses a hybrid specification that takes advantage of the respective strengths of fluorine’s ” water repellency (waterproofing) and stain resistance ” and silicone’s ” long-lasting performance. Dr. CLENZ’s own verification tests using seven waterproofing sprays supported in the market on polyester, broadcloth, genuine leather, cotton, and other materials showed that the water repellency and oil repellency were at the TOP level for all materials. The results were proven to be at the TOP level for all materials. It can be used on all materials except textiles, silk, plastic, and vinyl, which cannot be dry-cleaned.

Check out Dr. CLENZ’s ” Waterproof Spray

⑭ABC Mart has specially ordered this versatile waterproof sprayJEWEL 'Waterproof Spray for Shoes'

This waterproof spray, with its eye-catching design of water drops played on a white base, is a shoe care manufacturer that ABC Mart has been using since 1923 Ltd., a shoe care manufacturer that has been in business since 1923. It can be used on a wide range of shoes and bags made of leather, suede and other raised leather, and canvas and other fabrics.

Check out JEWEL’s ” Waterproof Spray for Shoes

⑮Mini sizes are available for easy carrying and office use.VIOLA 'Waterproof Spray'

Here is a waterproof spray from Viola, also a Jewel brand. It is a waterproofing spray that gives shoes strong water repellency with fluorine, and can be used on everything from leather to fabrics. 70ml, 146ml, and 300ml are available in three different capacities, and the smaller size is convenient for carrying around or keeping at work. The smaller size is convenient for carrying around or keeping at work, and is great for dealing with sudden rain on a day when you are wearing your favorite shoes.

Check out VIOLA’s ” Waterproof Spray

⑯Contains fluorine for strong water repellency with a theme of water repellency levels even on T-shirts!

Developed after comparing more than 10 factories, this waterproof spray made in Japan is based on the theme of water repellency even on T-shirts, and by applying a fluorine coating with fine particles, it achieves strong water repellency without compromising breathability. The company also offers a quality guarantee, including replacements, for damage caused by normal use within 365 days of delivery, such as “immediate breakage” or “defective parts.

Check out Evoon’s ” Neotect

⑰Large volume of uniquely formulated ingredients with increased fluorine content!DABLOCKS 'Waterproof Spray'

A waterproof spray with a higher fluorine content through a proprietary formula. Because it is silicone-free, there is no risk of bleaching, and it can be used safely on items whose color you do not want to change. Fluorine waterproof spray is said to have less staying power than silicone, but this one has a large 420 ml capacity and is reasonably priced at 1,680 yen as of March 25, 2024, so it is GOOD to spray regularly with just one bottle!

Check out DABLOCKS’ “Waterproof Spray

⑱A look at the super water repellent technology born in America!

If you want a strong water repellent effect anyway, we recommend this one, which is equipped with super water repellent technology born in the United States. Although there are some hurdles to overcome, such as the need to dry in the shade for 24 hours after spraying and the strong petroleum-like odor when spraying, if applied correctly, it will add super water-repellent properties that will cause water droplets to roll off the clothes. The great thing is that although it is made of silicone, it can be used on leather items such as suede as well as clothing.

Check out Never Wet’s ” NEO Super Water Repellent Spray

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