What is the charm of “GARY”, the BIG hoodie that makes you look gallant?


What is the charm of "GARY", the BIG hoodie that makes you look gallant?

It is no exaggeration to say that the hoodie is an item that looks best when worn oversized. The “GARY” hoodie, which follows such a BIG silhouette but gives a modern impression by incorporating an elegant-looking twist, is sure to fit the way grown-up men dress.

BIG silhouette hoodie “GARY” that gives a sophisticated impression

The oversized look that has become the standard may give the impression of being too pale if you make the mistake of wearing it wrong. To create a stylish impression, choose a hoodie that incorporates ” modern sizing,” “high-quality materials,” and “sophisticated specifications. GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “GARY” satisfies these essentials and is also available at a “good-cost price range. While it has a loose, easy-to-wear atmosphere, it is finished with a new sense of design that can be worn with elegance by focusing on minimalistic specifications and fabrics.

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GARY’s charm (1) “Elegant and tough with our special fabric, the “degree-stuffed silken lined pile sweatshirt”!

The sweatshirt fabric used for “GARY” is characterized by its unique texture that achieves a “tough, high-quality, and elegant impression. The yarn is blended from the finest cotton from around the world and knitted into a pile with a stiffened pile back to create a tough and resilient texture. The use of fine count yarns on the front gives this sweatshirt a heavier, yet finer look than orthodox sweatshirts. In addition, among the “Silkette processing” techniques that create a silky texture, the special “Eco-sil processing” that does not discharge a large amount of waste water is applied to maintain the soft texture and improve the elegant luster. This process maintains the soft texture of the fabric while enhancing the elegant luster of the fabric. It is also a pleasure to know that it is tough enough to maintain its texture for a long time even after repeated washing.

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GARY’s Appeal (2) “Sophisticated design allows you to wear it elegantly despite its BIG silhouette!

The refined design of this item is notable for eliminating unnecessarily assertive prints and drawcord decorations. Stitching is also kept to a minimum except where necessary, creating an elegant mood despite being a standard item for casual wear. The attention to detail, such as matching the color of the body fabric and the ribs at the cuffs and hem to the same color as much as possible, is also not to be overlooked.

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The print is subtly on the back style that can be seen when the hoodie is worn!

A small logo print is set on the back style. The casual arrangement, which can be seen when the hood is pulled over the head, is very stylish.

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GARY’s appeal (3) “It goes well with beautiful pants, so it’s easy to incorporate into a mixed coordinate!

This is a good match for sporty shakapan and rugged chinos, but depending on the combination, it can also be worn with beautiful pants such as slacks. GARY can easily take on the challenge of mixing and matching dresses, which is a difficult task but can produce a sophisticated mood if done correctly. Incidentally, the brand’s ” Libra” on/off sl acks are used in this coordination. Although the hoodies and slacks are items from different categories, their tastes are well matched to create an elegant and modern casual style for adults.

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This item is available in 3 colors to give you an urban look!

GARY is available in three urban colors. GENTLEMAN BLACK,” in which the brightness is reduced so that it is as close to jet black as possible; “NAVY,” with its dark tone and calm impression; and “ASHALT GRAY,” with its attractive urban solid look. These are only available at the official GENTLEMAN PROJECTS store, so be sure to check them out.

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