What is the appeal of the Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” shoes, famed as the shoes of the President of the United States?


What is the appeal of the Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" shoes, famed as the shoes of the President of the United States?

Allen Edmonds is one of the few leather shoe brands made in the United States. The Park Avenue, one of their flagship products, is an inner-blade straight tip that inherits the spirit of the American traditional. It is also known as the shoe worn by successive presidents of the United States on special occasions such as inauguration ceremonies. In this issue, we focus on the “Park Avenue” by Allen Edmonds and introduce its charm!

Allen Edmonds, a long-established shoe brand that has earned the full trust of past U.S. presidents “.

Allen Edmonds is a shoe brand that was founded in 1922 in a small town called Belgium, Wisconsin, USA. It all started when Allen Edmonds, a shoemaker, opened his workshop with a dream to create the most luxurious, comfortable, and handmade shoes in the world. Using a manufacturing process that has been in place since the company’s founding, which does not use nails or even iron shanks, the brand has developed into a popular brand for the comfort of its shoes, which flex flex flexibly with the foot as it walks. Another strength of the brand is that it offers a wide range of lasts and sizes to accommodate customers with various foot shapes. The brand offers a wide range of sizes, from AAAA to EEE, and provides a fit like a pair of leather shoes made by bespoke craftsmen that can adapt to any foot shape. This style of operation has made the brand so successful that there is no one who does not know about it in the United States.

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Allen Edmonds is a rare brand that adheres to the “Made in USA” principle.

In the latter half of the 19th century, the Mackay and Goodyear welt manufacturing methods were developed, and an industrial revolution in footwear took place in the U.S. From around 1875 to 1922, when Allen Edmonds was founded, the company was known as “G.H. Bass,” “ALDEN,” “Johnston & Murphy,” and “G.H. Bass. Johnston & Murphy” were born, and the shoe industry in the U.S. entered its heyday. However, the center of leather shoe manufacturing gradually moved to Europe, including Northampton, England. Many American brands fell into financial difficulties and went bankrupt or switched to overseas production. Allen Edmonds, like other brands, considered moving its production base overseas, but decided to maintain domestic production in order to protect its quality and pride. By maintaining a high quality leather shoe production that is as good as that in Europe, the company became one of the few brands that handles made-in-USA products. Currently, Allen Edmonds and Alden are the only shoe brands that continue to manufacture shoes in the U.S.A.

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Allen Edmonds shoes have been used by presidents and famous actors

Allen Edmonds still carries on the manufacturing process that was used when the company was founded: 750 shoemakers are divided into five factories, where leather shoes are made through 212 processes. Inheriting the founder’s wish to “create shoes that can be worn by gentlemen all over the world who know the difference,” skilled craftsmen carefully make each pair of shoes one by one. As genuine American shoes, they have been worn by presidents and American celebrities. Even famous actors such as George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio are proud to wear Allen Edmonds shoes.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue”, the most authentic shoes in the U.S.A.

Park Avenue is Allen Edmonds’ signature straight-tip leather shoe with an inside shuttlecock. The shoes are made with the 360-degree Goodyear welt method, which does not use nails or iron shanks, and are extremely comfortable to wear. The unique design with six-hole eyelets and small caps is another reason why these shoes have won the hearts of fans. The Park Avenue by Allen Edmonds, a leading American brand, is truly a classic American traditional shoe.

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Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” is a leather shoe traditionally worn by presidents

Park Avenue is a pair that can be said to have walked alongside the history of the United States. Soon after its founding, the company became famous throughout the United States for its superior comfort, and Allen Edmonds shoes began to provide military shoes for American soldiers during World War II. And after the war ended, many presidents of the United States patronized Allen Edmonds as the leather shoes that contributed to the U.S. victory. Presidents who have left their mark on history, such as Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, and Bill Clinton, have worn Park Avenue at memorable occasions such as presidential inaugurations and first ascents to the White House. President Barack Obama, who made headlines for not wearing Park Avenue shoes at his inauguration, is a fan of the brand, and has often been caught wearing Allen Edmonds. Park Avenue, which has become established as the “president’s shoes,” is a pair that symbolizes the United States both in name and reality.

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Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” leather is custom calf, an American favorite

The upper of the Park Avenue is made of custom calf leather. This leather, an Allen Edmonds original, contains more oil than ordinary leather shoe uppers, giving it a unique luster. The oil content also acts as an oil coating, so it is resistant to interference from wetness and dirt, which is another big advantage. Of course, as genuine leather, it should not be exposed to excessive moisture, but it is sufficiently resistant to a little rain so that it can be worn without hesitation.

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Another feature of custom calf is that it is softer than other brands of leather shoes, and it is said that there is no one that can match Allen Edmonds in terms of leather flexibility. It is also a favorite of Americans who do not like to spend a lot of time polishing their shoes, as it quickly becomes shiny. Soft and effortless, custom calf is a very American material that is not found in European brand dress shoes.

Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” has a unique 6-eyelet design

The most common type of straight-tip shoe with an inside shuttlecock is the five-eyelet shoe with five holes on each side for shoe laces. The Park Avenue, however, uses six eyelets. The left and right eyelets of this model are characterized by their short interval, and by increasing the number of eyelets from the standard 5-eyelet to 6-eyelet, a well-balanced design is achieved. This design is unique to Allen Edmonds and creates an atmosphere that is clearly different from that of the standard inner-feathered straight tip. Although there are only a few people who can recognize it at a quick glance, there are many fans who become addicted to this design and purchase two or three pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes.

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The Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” has always had a rugged round-toe silhouette

Park Avenue features a rugged design with a smaller cap. This is an Allen Edmonds tradition, which it stubbornly maintained even during the height of the Classico Italian boom. Even during the years when the dress shoe trend was dominated by slender, long-nose shoes, he remained steadfastly committed to the rugged style of the American tradition. And now that American fashion is once again attracting attention, Allen Edmonds’ designs, including Park Avenue, are being reevaluated. Of course, there is no right or wrong in nose length, regardless of the era, but the rugged silhouette of Park Avenue is recommended for those who have always favored long noses.

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The wooden pattern used is Allen Edmonds’ signature No. 65 last. Although it is a little longer than the short noses of the mainstream Allen Edmonds shoes, it is still shorter than the standard dress shoes. The round toe is slightly bulging, and the shape is characterized by a high instep and voluminous appearance. Details such as the small cap and six-hole eyelets give the shoes an American look.

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Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” 360-degree Goodyear welt construction for enhanced comfort

The most royal manufacturing method for high-end leather shoes is the Goodyear welt method. This method, developed by American inventor Charles Goodyear Jr. in 1879, was introduced to the United States at the end of the Industrial Revolution and became the standard method for leather shoes in the U.S. The machine-made process, developed in 1879 by American inventor Charles Goodyear Jr. It not only improved productivity, but also offered the advantages of robustness and improved comfort. Since the manufacturing method was born in the U.S., Allen Edmonds, which adheres to the “Made in the U.S.A.” policy, naturally uses the Goodyear welt manufacturing method. Park Avenue is soleed by the ” 360-degree Goodyear welt method,” a unique manufacturing technique.

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The Goodyear welt process is usually applied only to the “front” of the shoe, but the 360-degree Goodyear welt process, as the name implies, is applied to the entire shoe, including the heel. Also known as “double-welted” or “all-around welted,” this method reduces damage to the upper around the heel. The greatest advantage is that ” no nails are needed to secure the heel. Although Park Avenue shoes are more massive in appearance than standard Goodyear welt shoes, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear because no nails are used. Originally, new leather shoes have to endure a certain amount of pain for a period of about a month until they become accustomed to the feet, but these shoes have a reputation for being easy to walk in from the very beginning of wear.

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Complete elimination of metallic materials for lightness and cushioning

There are other factors that make it possible for Park Avenue to significantly reduce the burden on the feet compared to ordinary leather shoes, other than the fact that no nails are used. In the Goodyear welt method, the upper, inner sole, and welt are scoop-stitched together, and then a “cork” (which acts as a cushion) or “shank” (a core material that supports the sole) is inserted into the sole, which is then sewn in place with an open stitch. Originally, an iron core called a steel shank was used for the shank, but Allen Edmonds does not use a steel shank, prioritizing flexibility and comfort. Furthermore, instead of using nails, cork is laid firmly from the toe to the calf, which is another unique feature of this brand.

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By eliminating metallic materials, excellent cushioning and shape memory of the foot are realized. The cork that extends over the entire circumference of the shoe has an appearance that can only be expressed by this manufacturing method, and it has a quality and sturdiness that is appealing. In addition to the high quality fitting as if the shoes were custom-made, the aesthetic appeal that can be adapted to any style is the essence of the Park Avenue brand.

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Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” sole is designed for walking comfort and ease of use

Park Avenue’s leather soles are stamped with the ” Allen Edmonds ” brand name, and the 360-degree Goodyear welt stitching can be seen only on the brand’s soles. In addition, Park Avenue, which pursues a high level of practicality despite being dress shoes, uses a larger rubber toplift. This is an Allen Edmonds-like specification that takes into consideration the comfort of walking while maintaining classic elements.

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From the sole side, you can clearly see that the Park Avenue swings inward. American shoes are traditionally made with an emphasis on comfort, and this model is no exception. The inside straight and outside curved shape has been calculated to provide a natural fit for the human foot shape. This shifts the center of gravity inward when walking, making it less tiring to walk for long periods of time and keeping the wearer comfortable at all times.

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