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What to do with “Shoes for a Rainy Day?” 7 recommended waterproof shoes for men


What to do with "Shoes for a Rainy Day?" 7 recommended waterproof shoes for men

“I want stylish shoes that will keep me comfortable on rainy days without sacrificing fashion!” We introduce six shoes with waterproof performance that we recommend to those who want to enjoy a comfortable rainy day without sacrificing fashion!

Waterproof shoes category ①Leather shoe type for office casual wear

First, we introduce leather shoe type waterproof shoes with a formal atmosphere that can be used for office casual wear!

REGAL Shoe&Co Straight Tip with Outside Feathers (GORE-TEX Footwear)

We want the generation that grew up in the sneaker culture and the generation that is particular about leather shoes to experience the history, quality, and design of REGAL. We would like to introduce the straight tips developed by “REGAL Shoe & Co. By making the outer-blade straight tip one step more casual than the inner-blade straight tip, which is considered the most formal of all leather shoes, we have created an appearance that can be used from office casual to town use on weekends and holidays. The lining is made of Gore-Tex® R fabric and the sole is made of Vibram sole, so it is comfortable even in bad weather.

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Editor Tachibana
REGAL Shoe & Co.” offers high quality leather shoes that pursue both design and practicality. All of the other models have an attractive finish that fits modern dressing, so please check out models other than the leather shoes introduced here! Click here for a list of REGAL Shoe & Co.


Mackintosh Philosophy’s ” Cardiff ” has a realistic appearance with its one-piece molded PVC molded from Chelsea boots, but is waterproof to shut out water from entering the shoe except through the cuff and side gore. With a finish of such high quality that at first glance it could be mistaken for a real leather shoe, the Cardiff is sure to fit in well with a good outfit on rainy days, whether on or off. Available in two colors, black and dark brown, the dark brown has a black-tinted toe for an antique look.

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Editor Tachibana
Mackintosh Philosophy is most often associated with apparel wear, such as the highly functional “Trotter Jacket” and the “Summer Ford” handing coat, but in fact, its rain shoes are also one of its hidden gems. 2023 will mark the 80th anniversary of Sanyo Shokai, and a limited-edition model with a colored sole will be available as well. In 2023, Sanyo Shokai will commemorate its 80th anniversary with a limited edition model with a colored sole.


If you are looking for rain shoes with a sharp and stylish form that are perfect for suit style, “TOMOJIRO TOMOJIRO” is the one for you. It is a pair that can be worn without discomfort even when it stops raining, of course.

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Editor Tachibana
The amazing thing about these waterproof shoes is that they faithfully reproduce the “silver surface” reminiscent of fine imported leather. I personally like it very much because I can feel the attention to detail that only a leather shoe brand that represents Japan’s craftsmanship can provide. Incidentally, Sanyo Sancho also offers a side gore boot type rain shoe called ” Waterproof Seijuro.

SCOTCH GRAIN Semi-brogue Shine or Rain III

The last shoe in this category is SCOTCH GRAIN’s ” Semi-brogue Shine or Rain III,” which uses genuine Japanese leather for the instep that has the supple texture of real leather and high water repellency without sacrificing breathability. The Goodyear welt manufacturing method allows the sole to be replaced, so you can wear them rain or shine without worrying about the sole wearing down.

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Editor Tachibana
This is a rare leather shoe with a real leather upper and a Goodyear welt sole, but with a high level of water repellency. Although they are not completely waterproof and should not be used like rubber rain shoes, with these leather shoes, you will not have to worry about choosing shoes for days when the probability of precipitation is around 50% and the weather is doubtful. The SG sole with excellent abrasion resistance and strong grip on wet surfaces is also a good …

Waterproof shoes category ②Casual shoe type that can be worn fashionably even on sunny days

Next, we introduce shoes with waterproof performance that make the foot of your casual coordinate stylish!

Danner Trailfield Low

Equipped with GORE-TEX lining, Danner’s ” Trailfield Low” is ideal for outdoor activities such as trails and camping. The unique rounded shape, D-ring detailing, and thick Vibram Cretar Lift sole create a rugged mood. The cow suede upper gives the low-cut shoe a light and airy impression.

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Editor Tachibana
This model consists almost entirely of a single pattern, except for the heel part of the upper. This is a remnant of a specification devised to prevent water from entering through the seams at a time when waterproof technology had not yet been developed. By minimizing the number of seams and using a folded back design for the instep, it seems that high waterproofing, robustness, and holdability have been enhanced.

CLARKS Wallaby Gore-Tex

This is the Gore-Tex® version of the well-known iconic Clarks “Wallaby” shoe. The Wallabee is characterized by the chubby shape of its bag-stitched moccasin construction and the square toe that gives a sense of openness to the foot. The sole is usually a crepe sole, but the GORE-TEX® version has a Vibram® sole with excellent slip resistance.

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Editor Tachibana
Wallabies go well with the loose silhouette pants that have been in vogue lately. They are an item with timeless appeal, so there is no harm in owning a pair. This is one of the models that many of our editors love to wear. If you want to avoid wearing the same pair as everyone else, aim for select special orders and seasonal limited edition colors.

RED WING Irish Setter 6-inch Classic Moc Gore-Tex #8864

A waterproof model using Gore-Tex in Red Wing’s 6-inch moc-toe boot, a staple of work boots and often worn at Pitti Uomo, where the world’s most fashionable people gather. The upper is made of ” Russet Taos ” breathable waterproof leather. By applying antique prints based on Red Wing’s signature Oloracet color, the leather has a natural leather feel that makes it hard to believe that these are waterproof shoes.

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Editor Tachibana
This fan-favorite pair of Red Wing boots has all the charm of Red Wing’s boots with the addition of waterproofing. While other brands often change some parts and designs when they add Gore-Tex to their standard shoes, Red Wing seems to be quite faithful to the original. The position of the Gore-Tex screw tag is also exquisite. If I were to wear them, I would match them with thick denim or woolen slacks and enjoy wearing them like the fashionable people at Pitti.

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