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Why are “ATON” T-shirts so popular? Introducing recommended models for men.


Why are "ATON" T-shirts so popular? Introducing recommended models for men.

ATON” is a Japanese brand that attracts support from mature men with its simple and sophisticated style. Among its total lineup of items, the T-shirt collection is particularly popular. In this issue, we will introduce the appeal of ATON’s T-shirts, which accurately incorporate classiness and trends, as well as recommended models.

What is “ATON,” a brand supported by highly sensitive adults?

Launched in AW 2016, the Japanese fashion brand ” ATON ” is directed by YASUHARU KUZAKI. The brand name is a coined word from the Japanese syllabary “A to N,” meaning from “A” to “N.” From the selection of raw materials to the finish of the clothes, we communicate closely with the producers to understand the production background. It expresses the company’s desire to create products based on a thorough understanding of the production background through close communication with the producers, from the selection of raw materials to the finished garment. The products reflect a simple, standard design that never gets old, with a silhouette that makes the wearer look beautiful, high-quality materials, and beautiful dyeing. Although basic at first glance, the quality and comfort that can be felt when putting on a sleeve attracts adults with a high sense of fashion. Although still a young brand, in 2018, two years after the brand was launched, it became so popular that a directly managed store was opened in Omotesando. Standard items that can be worn only by adults who have established their own style are attracting attention.

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Functional and lean. A deeper look at the appeal of ATON’s ” T-shirts

Attractiveness of ATON’s “T-shirts” (1) “A beautiful silhouette that focuses on the wearer’s figure

Aiton T-shirts pursue patterns that take into consideration “how beautiful the silhouette of the wearer can be. Many of our T-shirts are oversized models with just the right amount of room, which can be worn by both men and women, and support simple adult coordination with a relaxed look. Oversized T-shirts tend to make you look younger. However, Aiton’s T-shirts have a perfect balance of the slope of the shoulders, length, arm width, and neckline. Aton’s T-shirts have been carefully studied to create a beautiful silhouette that is suitable for adults.

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Appeal of ATON “T-shirts” (2) “Materials and processes that provide stress-free comfort

ATON makes no compromises when it comes to comfort, and its selection of high-quality materials and the processes that make the most of these materials are also points that cannot be overlooked. From the production of the yarn to the washing of the finished item, the entire process is repeated many times! The materials and processes that we are convinced are the ones we use. SUVIN COTTON” is AITON’s signature material, and is used in many of its T-shirts. The process, which would normally be left to machines, is done by hand to ensure that the fibers are not damaged and that the oil content is not compromised, resulting in beautiful “yarn. The Svin cotton T-shirts knitted by hand by knitters in Wakayama have a silky sheen and feel that is unlike cotton, making them stress-free and comfortable to wear. A number of people have become addicted to Aiton’s T-shirts, which are as comfortable to wear as they are beautiful to look at.

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The appeal of ATON “T-shirts” (3) “A wide variety of T-shirts to find your favorite

ATON offers a wide variety of T-shirts, from short-sleeve T-shirts essential for spring and summer, to long-sleeve T-shirts useful for layering during the changing seasons and in winter, mock-neck T-shirts with an exquisite neck height for a classy look, and models with different materials and silhouettes, adding slight differences to simple designs to meet various needs. We have prepared a rich variety of variations to meet your various needs. The abundance of variations that allow you to find the simple, elegant T-shirts you are looking for is one of the appeals of the Eighteen brand. Some models are available in a variety of colors, so you can buy your favorite model in a different color.

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Five recommended ATON “T-shirts” to keep in mind

Here are some Aton “T-shirts” that you should keep on hand. At first glance, the lineup looks the same with simple designs, but we hope you will experience the charm of the models that are concentrated with Aton’s aesthetics.

Aiton “T-shirt” recommended model 1: “FRESCA PLATE | Oversized T-shirt

This is Aiton’s standard T-shirt featuring an oversized silhouette. The size balance has been reviewed for the 21SS, and the sleeve length has been updated to a slightly longer length for a more modern balance. The neck is slightly closed, and the ribbed knit prevents sagging, which is a key point for long-lasting use. Thick suvin cotton is used, so you don’t have to worry about transparency even if it is white. It dries easily even after washing, and its crisp, lightweight feel, which is hard to believe it is 100% cotton, makes it perfect for midsummer.

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Aiton “T-shirt” recommended model (2) “SUVIN 60/2 | Oversized S/S T-shirt

The “SUVIN 60/2 | Oversize S/S T-Shirt” has almost the same silhouette as the first “FRESCA PLATE | Oversize T-Shirt,” but with a 1cm longer length. The slimmer, longer-length silhouette and the jersey material with a sense of fall create a mode atmosphere. It is available in eight colors, including burgundy and blue-gray, which are rarely seen in other basic T-shirts. We recommend that you buy them together.

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Aiton “T-Shirt” Recommended Model 3 ” 12/- AIR SPINNING | Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeve type that can be used for a long time. Like the previous two models, this one is slightly oversized and can be worn with a single piece to create a stylish look. The material used is the original jersey material “12/- AIR SPINNING,” which has a colorful and shiny appearance, a fluffy and rough look unique to spinning, and a dry touch that feels good on the skin. The excellent T-shirt that touches both beautifully and casually is sure to become a heavy duty item.

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Aiton “T-shirt” recommended model (4) “12/- AIR SPINNING | Mock Neck Pullover

An Aiton classic mock-neck pullover that can be worn with elegance. The exquisite neck height, which is neither too high nor too closed, is typical of Aiton and provides a relaxed and comfortable fit. It is made of the same fluffy and comfortable material as the third item introduced, “12/- AIR SPINNING | Long Sleeve T-Shirt. This is a good choice for those who want to wear long sleeves with a beautiful atmosphere.

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Aiton “T-shirts” recommended model 5: ” SUVIN 60/2 | Oversized Long Sleeve T-shirt

An oversized long-sleeved T-shirt with a longer vertical to width ratio. The Aiton original jersey material with a glossy and supple finish gives a simple but high-quality impression. 7 colors are available, so check it out if you are looking for a high-quality colored long sleeve T-shirt.

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