Bandana/Neckerchief Men’s Coordinate Special! Stylish outfits and items with added glamour


Bandana/Neckerchief Men's Coordinate Special! Stylish outfits and items with added glamour

As the temperature rises and the sun shines more strongly in spring and summer, we naturally tend to wear more simple outfits. It is precisely during this season that you can enjoy a “Bunan” style of coordination by using stylish accessories. Among items that can add accents to outfits, we recommend bandanas/neckerchiefs for adult men. Just by casually placing a bandana/neckerchief around your neck, you can create various atmospheres, such as adding a touch of glamour, a touch of playfulness, and so on. In this issue, we focus on “bandanas/neckerchiefs” and introduce some of the most popular items and outfits that can be worn around the neck!

Cool monotone jacket coordination with a patterned bandana/neckerchief for added glamour

In a cool monotone jacket coordinate that blends dress and casual wear perfectly, a patterned bandana/neckerchief is wrapped around the neck to give a glossy impression around the face. If the bandana/neckerchief is wrapped tightly around the neck in an elegant manner, at least the amount of the bandana/neckerchief that is visible will create a sexy atmosphere. By using bandanas/neckerchiefs printed with various patterns and arranging the way the pattern is displayed, you can adjust the nuances of the bandana/neckerchief as you wish.

BURBERRY bandana/neckerchief

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A red bandana/neckerchief set in a relaxed sports-mix coordinate

This sports-mix coordination combines an indigo blue chambray shirt with a beige T-shirt, KAPPA x SOTF track pants, and low-cut white sneakers. The loose, fluffy look is complemented by a vivid red bandana that adds a touch of sophistication to the look. The combination of the sporty track pants, which have become a staple of street wear, and the boy scout-like bandana/neckerchief is a fresh look.

DSQUARED2 bandana/neckerchief

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Give your one-tone navy coordinate a chic adult look with a patterned bandana/neckerchief.

While brightly colored bandanas/neckerchiefs add a glamorous accent, bandanas/neckerchiefs with subdued colors and patterns are effective in creating a chic and chic atmosphere. In this navy tone-on-tone coordinate, a bandana/neckerchief with a deep green pattern is set to blend in with the boldly opened chest area. The bandana/neckerchief adds depth to the coordinate without being overly assertive.


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