[ Video Commentary ] Four methods of threading shoelaces suitable for leather shoes.


[ Video Commentary ] Four methods of threading shoelaces suitable for leather shoes.

Shoe laces are an important factor in the “look” as well as the “function” of leather shoes. Depending on the design and specifications of the shoe, such as the inside or outside shuttlecock, the appropriate way to thread the laces will also vary. In this article, we will introduce the “appropriate way to thread shoelaces for leather shoes” and the items that match the way to thread shoelaces, with video explanations!

How to Thread Shoe Laces Suitable for Leather Shoes (1) “Parallel

The most classic and royal method of lacing leather shoes is called parallel lacing. Most traditional brands of leather shoes are laced in this way. The laces appear parallel and the hold is even, so they are tight and do not loosen easily.

The way to thread a shoelace suitable for leather shoes (2) “Single”.

The outward appearance is the same as parallel, but the procedure for threading shoelaces is simpler and easier for single laces. This method also minimizes the thickness of the laces, which makes for a more beautiful appearance. It is also a classic method of lacing, and is often used for shoes with a strong sense of formality with an inside sole. However, there is a fatal drawback: “The length must be adjusted every time the laces are loosened and worn. Although it should be avoided when shoes are frequently put on and taken off, it is highly recommended for formal occasions and when the silhouette of the shoes needs to look beautiful.

Introducing the leather shoes suitable for “Single” shoelace threading!

In addition to the parallel, which is the royal way of threading shoelaces, we picked up the best leather shoes for single threading for an even more formal look!


The leather shoes that can be worn with the most formal attire are the straight tip shoes with an inside sole. Among the many types of leather shoes, the straight tip with inner wings is considered to be the most formal and prestigious shoe. Among such prestigious leather shoes, Edward Green’s famous “Chelsea,” which claims to be made of “the finest quality calfskin,” is a pair that boasts unshakable popularity. The stylish yet slightly rounded ball joint gives the shoe an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The distinctive detailing, known as the “swan neck,” is another reason why the “Chelsea” is so popular.

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CROCKETT & JONES” is the brand with the widest selection of wooden patterns in the world. The brand has a history of OEM work for John Robb and other brands. The AUDLEY, a straight-tip shoe with an inside sole, is a well-known signature model of Crockett & Jones. The Goodyear welt method of manufacturing is used, but the protruding tongue is suppressed, giving the shoe a sense of elegance. This is a pair that can be worn on any occasion and that you will be proud to wear 10 years from now.

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Tomojiro” by SANYOYAMACHO, a leather shoe brand that is the pride of Japan. The R2010, the brand’s standard last (wooden pattern), features a narrowed arch and a small heel cup to improve the sense of hold. Since the brand’s launch in 2000, the fit of this pair, made for Japanese people in response to the opinions of Japanese people, is second to none, even for British craftsmen.

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How to thread a shoelace suitable for leather shoes (3) “Overlap

The overlap is the standard way of threading shoelaces in the casual scene. The overlap is also used for country-style leather shoes. When viewed from the front, the laces appear in a V shape. The laces are less likely to loosen while being worn, keeping the shoes stable and comfortable. The width of the dovetail becomes wider as it moves from the toe to the ankle, making this method of lacing suitable for high instep feet.

Introducing leather shoes suitable for “Overlap” shoelace threading!

Pick up leather shoes suitable for overlapping for a sporty look!

Tricker’s “Outside wingtip BURTON

In Japan, Tricker’s is particularly well known as a country shoe manufacturer. The “Burton,” which combines a sporty atmosphere with a unique sense of weight, is the most representative model in the country collection of Tricker’s. The “Barton” is the most popular model in the country collection. The carefully applied brogings and medallions create a stately atmosphere that is nothing short of magnificent. Unlike country shoes in name only, the durable double sole makes it easy to get around on difficult terrain.

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Church’s “GRAFTON Inner Wingtip Wingtip

Church, a British brand that boasts high popularity in Japan for its quality and sturdiness. The powerful outer sole and the massive double sole give the shoes a unique presence. The high degree of perfection of the decoration can be seen in the workmanship of this brand. The moist burgundy color, which shows a different dignity from black, also makes a good impression. A pair that can show its charm even when worn with denim.

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Paraboot Chambord

The U-tip and V-tip, which were prototyped for outdoor sports, are also strong candidates. We picked up ” Chambord ” leather shoes, the pride of France, which are popular all over the world. This U-tip shoe, based on the wooden pattern of mountaineering shoes, has a squirrel leather upper said to have been developed for the Chambord, and its originally developed PARATEX rubber sole is sewn on using the Norveigian method.

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How to thread a shoelace suitable for leather shoes (4) “Underwraps

Contrary to the overwrap, the underwrap is characterized by the laces appearing as a figure of eight when viewed from the front. The laces are threaded through the shoe as if scooped up from the bottom to the top, making them easy to tighten when worn. Since it is also characterized by its ease of loosening, it is said to be a method of shoe lace threading suitable for boots and other high shoes that are difficult to put on and take off.

Introducing the leather shoes suitable for “Underwrap” shoelace threading!

Pick up a pair of leather shoes suitable for underwrap threading!

Tricker’s “Country boots MALTON

Tricker’s was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, a master shoemaker. The brand is so well known for its country boots and brogue shoes that it is no longer an exaggeration to say “country boots = Tricker’s. The Moulton, with its royal 7-eyelet design, is a pair that is casual yet full of dressy atmosphere. The beauty of the ornamentation, which evokes a sense of tradition, elevates the casual style of adults. The perfection that sets this brand apart from others is not only due to the use of high quality natural leather, but also to the ” bench-made ” process, in which a single craftsman completes the entire process from start to finish.

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DR. MARTENS “Work boots

Dr. Martens, a leading British boot brand, was born when a German military doctor, Klaus Martens, developed his own unique sole. The brand’s flagship model, the 8-hole boot, also follows the details of the work boot. The highly cushioned bowsing sole, yellow threads, and distinctive strap make these boots instantly recognizable as Dr. Martens boots.

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