The immortal masterpiece “Paraboots “CHAMBORD”” that raises a man.


The immortal masterpiece "Paraboots "CHAMBORD"" that raises a man.

Among the many types of leather shoes, Paraboot’s CHAMBORD shoes exude a unique presence. The manufacturing method, materials, and design are all full of originality that is different from others. In this issue, we will focus on the “CHAMBORD,” one of Paraboot’s most famous products, and introduce its charms!

Paraboot, a long-established French brand born from the development of rubber soles.”

Paraboot is a long-established shoe brand that is the pride of France. In 1926, Mr. Richard Ponvert visited the U.S. on a ship and was impressed by the rubber boots worn by Americans, and came up with the idea of a new material for soles that could replace leather soles. After much trial and error, he perfected the previously unprecedented “rubber sole. Mr. Bonvert, who strongly insisted on natural materials, imported natural rubber latex from Brazil for the rubber sole. The name of the Brazilian port at that time was “Para,” which led him to name his own brand ” Para Boots.

In 1926, Paraboot officially registered its trademark and initially developed as a brand specializing in work shoes, and in the 1960s, the brand specialized in mountaineering shoes and outdoor shoes. In the 1960s, the brand specialized in mountaineering shoes, and by the 1960s, it had developed a line of outdoor shoes. The reason for the strong support for Paraboot is the fact that they are ” 100% made in France. The brand is an integrated manufacturing company that handles not only the leather uppers but also the soles in-house. The manufacturing technology cultivated through the production of mountaineering shoes is also used to provide robustness and durability. The corporate philosophy of Paraboot is “invest in your walk. The word “walk” means not only “to walk” but also “to walk with life.

The Paraboot ” Chambord ” is the epitome of the U-tip!

The Chambord is the most popular model of Paraboot, introduced in 1987, and is a U-tip leather shoe with U-shaped moccasin stitching, giving it a somewhat casual look due to its massive appearance. It uses a lot of unique materials and technologies, such as an upper made of oily squirrel leather and a rubber sole made of ” PARA-TEX. Another feature is the use of the Norwegian manufacturing method, which is rare in modern leather shoe production. The durability and design features not found in dress shoes allow them to be worn with a wide range of outfits, making them popular with a wide range of people.

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The charm of the “Squirrel Leather” used in the Paraboot ” Chambord

There are various reasons for the high popularity of Chambord over the years, but one of the main reasons is that each and every part and manufacturing method is a Paraboot “original”. Among these, the upper leather has the greatest influence on the appearance of the Chambord. This leather is made from calf leather, which is considered to be the highest quality leather, and tanned using an original manufacturing method. The leather is characterized by a higher oil content than normal leather and has a unique luster, and is even called “the jewel of France.

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There are a wide range of requirements for high-end leather, such as elasticity, durability, luster, and texture. The style of Paraboot is to seek a higher level of quality after having fulfilled these requirements. It is even said that no matter how fine the leather chosen, the final quality of the shoe depends on how the leather is cut. And it is said that a skilled cutter ” reads” the leather. They see and touch everything, including fine wrinkles, blood vessel marks, and scars, in order to make the best cuts, eliminating the unnecessary. The leather cut by the Paraboot cutter is characterized by the skillful avoidance of imperfections and the preservation of the leather’s ” stretch ” or elasticity. Furthermore, Paraboot has worked with the same tannery for generations, maintaining a close relationship based on mutual trust. Chambord leather is tanned by some of the most highly regarded tanneries in France.

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In addition to its beautiful appearance, calf leather that has been thoroughly soaked in oil is very durable, rainproof, and resistant to damage. Incidentally, a phenomenon peculiar to squirrel leather is that the “bloom” (oil and wax content) soaked into the leather will rise to the surface of the leather after it has been left for a few days. This is surprising at first because the upper turns white in some areas, but there is no need to worry because the original beauty can be restored by simply wiping with a dry cloth.

The “Chambord” by Paraboot has a round and voluminous silhouette that fits casual styles.

Although Chambord is a leather shoe, it has a casual silhouette that is different from that of ordinary dress shoes. In addition to the round toe, it is very voluminous because of its height. The silhouette is also very masculine, as it does not constrict at the foot. The design is based on mountain-climbing shoes, and there is a sporty feel to the shoes. This masculine and voluminous silhouette allows the shoes to be coordinated with a much wider range of outfits than ordinary leather shoes.

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The Chambord U-tip moccasin epitomizes “French casual

The Chambord is a U-tip derby shoe with U-shaped stitching around the instep. This stitching is called “moccasin stitching,” and different manufacturers use different stitching methods. The U-tip, also known in France as ” chasse ” meaning ” hunting “, is a design that symbolizes French casual and French traditional. Just by matching the chambord with denim, shirts, and other rough coordinates, you can create a fashion style that is unmistakably French.

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After wearing the Chambord for a while, the moccasin part will crack, a phenomenon known as “moka cracking. This is due to the fact that Chambord moccasins are manufactured using the “mocca de veneration” method. It is best to understand in advance that this “moka cracking” is an inevitable part of the process of buying Chambord moccasins, and that it is something that is bound to happen. Mocha cracking is just one of the aging processes, and just like ordinary high-end leather shoes, you can enjoy the texture of the leather and its change over the years.

The iconic “Brand Tag” of the Paraboot Chambord

The green brand tag, instantly recognizable as “Chambord by Paraboot,” along with the U-tip moccasins, is the iconic Chambord and a design accent.” Some people who want to wear their Chambord in a dressy way will remove this tag immediately after purchase. However, even though it is just a tag, it is basically an integral part of the chambord design. Unless there is a good reason, it is recommended to leave the tag on.

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Paraboot’s superior comfort achieved by a manufacturing process that respects the foot

Paraboot believes that the feet are more important than the hands when it comes to health. Composed of many bones, nerves, and blood vessels, the feet are under constant strain as they support the human body 24 hours a day. Therefore, spending daily life in poor quality or ill-fitting shoes can cause a number of diseases. That is why Paraboot places great importance on the selection of materials, uses the highest quality rubber, and maintains a manufacturing process that respects the foot.” The brand’s belief is that a shoe must fit the foot and not the other way around. Although the Chambord is massive and looks hard at first glance, the hidden charm of this leather shoe is that it adapts to the shape of the owner’s foot as he or she wears it. This is not only because a larger amount of cork is accommodated than in Goodyear Welted leather shoes, but also because they are studied to fully respect the form and size of the foot. In fact, Paraboot shoes are even recommended by foot medicine, and the health benefits are more than fashionable.

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The most popular Paraboot shoe! PARA-TEX” rubber sole made by Paraboot

The rubber sole is the history of Paraboot itself, as the founder was inspired by American rubber shoes to create rubber soles and named the brand after the port from which the rubber was imported.” At a time when it was commonplace to think of leather shoes as having leather soles, Paraboot created the rubber sole, and it changed the way leather shoes were manufactured. The rubber sole made by Vibram (commonly known as Vibram sole), which is used in many leather shoes today, was introduced in 1937. Paraboot had established the rubber sole manufacturing method 11 years earlier. While most shoe manufacturers use rubber soles made by other companies, Paraboot is the one and only brand that consistently manufactures its own soles.

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The rubber sole used in the Chambord is the “PARA-TEX sole,” which is 100% made in-house. In addition to the advantages of rubber soles, such as water resistance, functionality, and ease of maintenance, the PARA-TEX sole also offers superior cushioning. The PARA-TEX sole has a structure that can store air, providing cushioning and shock-absorbing effects similar to air-filled basketball shoes. Originally, rubber soles were hard and had poor “warp” in exchange for their convenience. However, Paraboot’s traditional technology cultivated over its long history has enabled it to produce rubber soles that are easy to walk on and compensate for these weaknesses. The letters “RP” engraved on the sole of the Chambord are the initials of Richard Ponvert, the founder of Paraboot and the creator of the rubber sole.

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The “Norwegian method”, a symbol of the robustness of the Paraboot Chambord

Chambord is a rare leather shoe that is soleed using a technique called ” Norveigian manufacturing. Originally developed for mountaineering shoes, the Norwegian method is said to have developed in Norway and other parts of Northern Europe as a shoe manufacturing method for cold climates where waterproofing is required. It is widely used for outdoor shoes such as mountaineering shoes and ski shoes, and Paraboot, which specialized in mountaineering shoes when it was first established, is proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Norwegian-made shoes. In addition, the welt used in its shoes is characterized by its extreme strength. The Paraboot welt is soft, yet strong, and never loses its shape. Cut from naturally tanned cowhide leather, these welted shoes are made to a precise and uniform thickness and width, and play an important role in connecting the upper to the sole.

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Because the midsole and outsole are double-layered, they are more waterproof, weatherproof, and robust than the Goodyear welt method, which is familiar in authentic English leather shoes. The double stitching also makes a great impact on the appearance, and is a perfect match for the voluminous silhouette of the chamboard. The Norwegian method requires advanced craftsmanship, and there are now only a few brands that can handle this method. It is a privilege for chambord users to be able to enjoy this rare technique.

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Paraboot “Chambord” fits a variety of styles

The Chambord is a leather shoe with a voluminous form, U-tip moccasins, and many casual elements such as the heavy appearance unique to the Norwegian manufacturing method and the green tag, making it suitable for a wide range of styling.

Paraboot Chambord” x Military-style trench coat style

This coordinate creates a rugged impression by using green items with a military feel as the main item. The brown Paraboot “Chambord” on the feet is a trend-conscious look that links with the colonial colors. The Paraboot “Chambord” has a form that does not lose out to the heavy styling, and it is expected to be a great addition to winter attire as well.

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Paraboot “Chambord” x Azzurro e Marrone Codes

The Paraboot “Chambord” has many casual elements, but also retains the elegance of leather shoes. It goes easily with the casual suit style that is the focus of attention this season, as well as with the feet of those who choose cordieroy pants that produce a chic, adult colorfulness. The black Chambord will give a tight impression to the Azzurro e Marones style footwear in brown and navy.

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