Why is the “Seiko 5 Sport” considered the best cosmetic watch?


Why is the "Seiko 5 Sport" considered the best cosmetic watch?

Seiko 5 Sport” is Seiko’s cosmopolitan brand that is popular for its uncompromising functionality and design, despite the reasonable price tag of around 30,000 to 50,000 yen for many models. In this issue, we introduce the history, features, and popular models of the brand, which has been built up over more than half a century since its birth!

Seiko 5 Sport,” a famous model that popularized automatic wristwatches and continues the lineage of the Seiko Five

As the number “5” in the name suggests, the “SEIKO 5 SPORT” is a casual watch brand equipped with “five functions. The roots of this brand can be found in the “Seiko Sportmatic 5” (commonly known as the “Seiko Five”), which was launched in 1963. The Seiko Five, fully equipped with practical functions (three medium-sized hands, day date, automatic winding, and water resistance), but at a reasonable price and with an innovative design, was a huge hit around the world, overturning conventional concepts of what a watch should look like. With its active style that was distinctly different from the leather-strap dress watches that were the mainstream at the time, the Seiko Five was a key player in popularizing automatic wristwatches.
(Image: Seiko Sportmatic 5 released in 1963)

Five years later, in 1968, the first “Seiko 5 Sport” was released in response to the accelerated sports boom. With updated specifications, including water resistance superior to that of the Seiko Five, luminescent paint for visibility in the dark, and tempered glass, and a sporty design accented with avant-garde vivid colors, the watch gained the support of many young people and took the world by storm. The watch celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2023, and continues to attract watch fans, including a reissue of the original model.
(Image: Left: the first model released in 1968, Right: the reissue model)

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What are the “five functions” of the Seiko 5 Sport?

As mentioned above, the Seiko 5 Sport has inherited the same “five functions” from the first generation. What are these features?

Feature 1: “Equipped with a mechanical movement that automatically winds the mainspring with the movement of the wearer’s arm

The Seiko 5 Sport is equipped with a ” self-winding ” mechanical movement that automatically winds the mainspring. There is no need to wind the crown manually, and the spring is wound naturally by the daily movements of the wearer’s arm, so the time continues to run without stopping as long as the wearer is wearing the watch. Compared to the manual winding type, in which time stops unless the mainspring is wound, the automatic winding type has the feature of preventing the wearer from forgetting to wind the mainspring.

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Feature of SEIKO 5 SPORT (2) “10 atmospheric pressure water resistance for skin diving

The Seiko 5 Sport is “10 atmospheres waterproof,” which is known as “waterproofing for enhanced daily life. It has a level of water resistance that allows for water work in daily life, as well as diving (skin diving) at a level that does not require the use of air cylinders, without any problems while wearing the watch. It is safe to assume that there will basically be no problems due to water damage unless the wearer uses it in a gratuitous manner, such as in full-scale diving like scuba diving.

Seiko 5 Sport Features (3) “Day Date Display with Date and Day of Week”

The dial is equipped with a day-date display showing the day of the week and the date at the 3 o’clock position. Since the date and day can be checked at the same time when looking at the time, it is also useful in business situations. The extremely simple design that does not destroy the stylishness of the dial is also appealing.

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Feature 4: “The 4 o’clock position crown makes the Seiko 5 Sport non-stressful to wear and gives it a sleek, clean form.

The crown is the main part of a watch that adjusts the time and date. Generally, the crown is located at the 3 o’clock position on the right side of the case, but the Seiko 5 Sport SKX model’s crown is located a little lower at the 4 o’clock position. By placing the crown at the 4 o’clock position, the crown does not easily hit the wrist or the back of the hand, making the watch comfortable to wear. In addition, the protruding crown is less noticeable, giving the watch a clean appearance.

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Seiko 5 Sport’s feature 5: “Superior durability and use of materials for long-lasting use despite its excellent cost performance.

Another reason why the Seiko 5 Sport is so popular is that, despite its affordable price of around 30,000 to 60,000 yen, it is made of highly durable materials and is very cost-effective. The case and band are made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and highly durable. It is also strong and resistant to heat, so it does not deteriorate easily even when worn every day. In addition, the glass is made of HARDLEX, a material originally developed by Seiko. This material has high hardness and is scratch resistant, so the windshield can be kept beautiful for a long period of time.

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What are the most popular Seiko 5 SPORT models to keep in mind, by five different series?

Seiko 5 Sport, which has been gaining popularity for more than half a century, has developed five series: Sports, Street, Suits, Specialist, and Sense, based on the design concept of “five styles. Here, we introduce a selection of standard and popular SEIKO 5 SPORT models by series that you will not regret buying!

(1) Seiko 5 Sport “SKX Sport Style

From the “SKX Sports Style,” we pick up a downsized version of the Seiko 5 Sport heritage watch in a mid-sized 38mm diameter. The watch is finished in a compact, comfortable fit for the wrist. The dial is an orthodox sports watch design with excellent practicality and features the familiar triangular, round, and bale-shaped indexes of the Seiko 5 Sport. The watch is available in four colors, including monotone, orange, a classic sports color, and retro green.

SBSA225 Click here for more details
SBSA227 Click here for more details
SBSA229 Click here for more details
SBSA231 Click here for more details

(2) Seiko 5 Sport “SKX Street Style

In the lineup of Seiko 5 Sport watches, many of which use vivid accent colors, the all-black SBSA025 model from “SKX Street Style” stands out from the crowd. The hour and minute hands, indexes, bezel, and case are all black, giving the watch a chic and dignified look. However, despite its appearance, the watch is light and comfortable to wear, with a nylon band that is sweat- and water-resistant, making it much lighter than the models in the ” Sports Style” series. If you like basic watches with a silver tone, but are looking for something different and cool, why not consider purchasing this watch?

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(3) Seiko 5 Sport “SKX Suits Style

The “SKX Suits Style” model SBSA017 has a sporty diver’s face with a mesh bracelet to enhance the dressy mood of the watch, The design with a classic atmosphere goes well with elegant outfits such as smart casual wear. This watch is recommended for those who are looking for a diver’s watch with a mature and calm impression.

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(4) Seiko 5 Sport “SKX Specialist Style

The “SKX Specialist Style” “SBSA028” features a strap that combines different materials, leather and silicon, to give it a crafted look. In addition to its distinctive strap, the industrial design with its combination of pink gold and black colors enhances the crafted look. This watch has a different mood from silver and gold watches.

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(5) Seiko 5 Sport “Sense Style

Last but not least is the ” SKX Sense Style “, a collaboration line that releases limited edition models with celebrities and fashion brands. Most of the models are already sold out, for example, the collaboration with Bruce Lee in October 2023. Other collaborations in various genres such as Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Honda’s Super Cub have also been developed, and the released models have been so popular that they are all sold out immediately. If a collaboration you are interested in is announced, be sure to check the release date to be prepared.
(Image: Bruce Lee collaboration model)

Check out the list of past Sense Style models

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