How to Wear a Navy Suit for a Decisive Man [Business Style].


How to Wear a Navy Suit for a Decisive Man [Business Style].

The “navy suit” is a staple item for men that deserves to be called the “suit of suits. In this issue, we focus on the navy suit and pick up “realistic outfits that can be worn in business situations”!

Navy suit style with a large retro small print tie for a classic mood

The assertiveness of the large lapel creates a prestigious atmosphere in this navy suit style. The orthodox semi-wide-collar shirt and tie with a large small pattern enhance the classic mood of the suit.

Sartoria’s navy suit exudes sex appeal and dignity

A dignified gentleman wearing a classically tailored navy suit by Sartoria. The jacket design with mani-cacamiche and wide lapels, as well as the tailoring of the pants, including two pleats and beltless, give the outfit the sexy look of a sophisticated man. The fresh color combination of navy and green in the tie adds to the trend-conscious mood, which is also excellent!

Silver tie fits navy suits

The silver tie with moderate luster can be used for a wide range of occasions from business to weddings. By combining the entire body with bright tones, a sense of presence that is not buried even when the entire body is solid is appealing. The jacket with a large peaked lapel design adds a fearless impression.

A smart man wears a navy suit in a subtractive style

This stoic suit style unifies all items, from the suit to the shirt and tie, in a solid, plain design. If your business partner is conservative, you can aim to make a good impression with a subtractive suit style.

Three-piece navy suit with plain white shirt and striped tie creates an impression of sincerity

The navy three-piece suit style is the most orthodox and creates a classic, intrepid impression. To create a good impression, match a plain white shirt with a navy striped tie, as the gentleman below has done. The dressy suit style is complemented by active-looking full gloves with external blades on the feet, which adds a subtle sense of fun.

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A navy suit with a red and navy blue striped tie adds a crisp and powerful impression

A simple plain navy blue suit and a plain shirt is an ironclad combination. A plain navy blue tie is too simple, so a tie with a red stripe is added. The red stands out crisply and creates a powerful impression as well as a youthful one. If you are allowed to dress a little more casually, it is also a good idea to wear loafers on your feet to add a laid-back, casual touch to your look.


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