Grand Seiko announces three newest watches! What is the brand’s first mechanical chronograph movement?


Grand Seiko announces three newest watches! What is the brand's first mechanical chronograph movement?

Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023 opened at 15:30 Japan time on March 27, with the presentation of new watches from various brands. Here we report on the latest collection from Grand Seiko, one of Japan’s leading watch brands!

Three superb watches from each Grand Seiko collection are now available!

Amidst the long-awaited new watch releases by watch fans, Grand Seiko has introduced three new models: one model from the Evolution 9 Collection, equipped with the brand’s first mechanical chronograph movement, and two limited edition models from the Masterpiece Collection.

Here are the features of each of the three new models!

” Evolution 9 Tentagraph ” with the brand’s first ever mechanical chronograph movement

A unique sports watch based on the world-acclaimed design philosophy ” Evolution 9 Style ” presented by Grand Seiko at Watches & Wonders Geneva in 2022. The brand’s first mechanical chronograph movement has now been developed for use in this collection. The caliber 9SC5, named “Tentagraph,” which will be installed in the new collection, is based on the innovative high-beat caliber 9SA5, which was introduced in 2020 and boasts high precision and excellent energy efficiency. It delivers timekeeping precision at 10 vibrations per second and a long power reserve that guarantees three days (approximately 72 hours) of operation, even when the chronograph is running. The caliber 9SC5 “Tentagraph” is said to be the longest lasting automatic chronograph movement with 10 vibrations. In terms of design, the watch also features powerful hands and thick indexes with grooves engraved on them. They provide excellent legibility without misreading. The powerful dial is made up of two overlapping parts, and the main dial and subdials are divided into separate areas to create a three-dimensional face design.

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Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide! The “Masterpiece Collection Engraved Limited Edition Model” with a representation of a birch forest on the dial and throughout the case

Among Grand Seiko watches, the birch model of the Evolution 9 Collection has a strong fan base around the world. A limited design featuring such birch motifs has now been released from the Masterpiece Collection. Previously, the image of the birch was represented by the dial, but this time, it is dynamically expressed not only by the dial but also by the entire watch, including the case. The design source is the majestic scenery of a birch forest near the “Shinshu Toki no Takumi Kobo” where Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive models are produced, during the harsh winter season when snow is piled deep in the forest. The three-dimensional engravings are handcrafted one by one by skilled artisans on the mirror surface of the platinum case, which is polished by rough polishing to ensure no distortion. The dial is metallic in color to match the case, and is deeply and organically molded to resemble a birch tree, so that it shines delicately on the wrist whenever it catches the light, like a snowy landscape shimmering in the sunlight. The watch will be available in a limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide.

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The luxurious “Masterpiece Collection Jewelry Watch Limited Edition” is paved with diamonds and blue sapphires.

A jewelry watch in the brand’s emblematic blue color is now available from the Masterpiece Collection, based on the ” White Lion ” presented at Watches & Wonders Geneva in 2022, with diamonds and blue sapphires highlighting the brand’s colors, The face design has been created with an overwhelming presence. The center of the dial is a blue white butterfly shell that echoes the blue sapphire. The diamonds and blue sapphires surrounding the dial function as minute markers. The precious stones, which are expertly railed horizontally along the arc of the 18K white gold dial, give off a beautiful, flowing luminescence. This is an extremely rare model limited to 8 pieces worldwide.

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