What is the appeal of “City slicker,” a sweatshirt set-up with an urban look?


What is the appeal of "City slicker," a sweatshirt set-up with an urban look?

Sweatshirts, once associated with loungewear and sportswear, have now established themselves as a fashion item. However, many people may feel that it is too difficult to incorporate sweatshirts into their street wear style. It is obvious that wearing a common sweatshirt with a top and bottom without any effort will make you look like sportswear or loungewear. We would like to recommend the “City slicker” sweatshirt set-up series to those of you who have not dared to use sweatshirts as street wear.

City slicker” sweatshirt set-up with an urban mood in a rough style

City slicker” is a slang term for city dwellers who have moved to the city without knowing the life in the countryside. This sweatshirt item, named after such a series, has a somewhat urban and sophisticated atmosphere. The secret lies in the combination of “the texture of the elegant sweatshirt fabric with moderate firmness and thickness” and “the silhouette adjusted to give a modern and stylish impression while having a loose atmosphere. We hope you will experience the charm of this exquisitely balanced sweatshirt set-up.

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The beautifully knitted pile sweatshirt with a back seam provides both “comfort” and an “urban impression”!

The “City slicker” series uses a fabric with a classy texture with moderate firmness and thickness, rather than a roughly knitted sweatshirt from the USA. The reverse side is made of pile, so it can be worn comfortably over a long period of time, from spring season to fall and winter season.

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Easy to use with a modern silhouette adjusted to the theme of urbanism!

While incorporating a seasonal BIG silhouette, an urban feel is created by maintaining an exquisite balance without overdoing it. Hoodies and sweatshirts, for example, have a modern drop-shoulder silhouette with a strong taper toward the cuffs to prevent the sleeves from being too loose and giving an unrefined impression. The pants have a well tapered silhouette from the thighs with a deep crotch to the legs.

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On the next page, we’ll show you some notable coordination examples that incorporate the ” City slicker “!

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