Master the Art of Men’s Outerwear: A Guide to 12 Essential Coats and How to Wear Them


Master the Art of Men's Outerwear: A Guide to 12 Essential Coats and How to Wear Them

Coats” are the mainstay of autumn and winter outerwear, with a wide range of choices from standard designs such as chesterfields and stainless collars to more sophisticated items such as tie-locken coats. Many of you must have had a hard time deciding which design to choose when selecting such a coat. So this time, we have divided “coats” into 12 types and introduced recommended items along with snaps for reference on how to wear them!

Types of Men’s Coats (1) “Chesterfield Coat

The most representative of men’s coats is none other than the Chester coat. It is a versatile outerwear that can be used not only as a coat for suits and jackets, but also for casual outfits on off-duty days. The official name of the coat is the “Chesterfield coat,” named after George Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, an English fashion icon from the 1830s to 1840s. As with tailored jackets, there are differences between notched lapel and peaked lapel, single breasted and double breasted, and the impression differs depending on the design, so when choosing a chester coat, select the collar shape and the combination that you prefer. If you want to bring in an “in” look with a chester coat, we recommend a relaxed silhouette with dropped shoulders, a wide body, and a long length.

Recommended Chester Coats!

LARDINI Chesterfield Coat

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BOGLIOLI Chester Coat

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