Men’s Fall/Winter Outerwear Special! Introducing recommended items by type for a cozy look!


Men's Fall/Winter Outerwear Special! Introducing recommended items by type for a cozy look!

Men’s fashion continues to evolve each season, mixing not only dress and casual styles but also sports, military, street, and other various styles. It is becoming more and more important to follow the rules, manners, and aesthetics of the past, but also to break down the existing format and reconstruct it into a more casual style to make it look fresh and new. In this issue, we pick up typical outerwear that is essential for today’s style and introduce notable items by type that make it possible to dress in a sophisticated manner, while also taking into account the key points that are essential for capturing the mood of the times!

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What are the key points and tips for choosing and wearing men’s fall/winter outerwear?

1) [Choose outerwear with a moderate size feel ] Choose items with a moderate size feel, neither too loose nor too tight.
2) [Attention to detail should be casual ] Too much of a good thing is not too much. The most important thing to remember is that the details and materials should be casual.
③ [To create a sophisticated look] White sneakers, a gray parka, or the hem of a layered white T-shirt will give off a sophisticated atmosphere.
The technique of playing with the existing style format and giving a new charm to the coordination, while breaking the image, will only be effective if it is well tuned to the modern sense.
5) [ A firm grasp of “good feeling,” which determines whether a coordinated look is good or bad] This concept of “good feeling,” which is often used in everyday conversation, is also extremely important in modern coordination and dressing. The ability to capture and embody this “good feeling,” which is related to all of these points, such as a style that is “just right” for the scene or occasion, a wardrobe choice that suits you, and a comfortable silhouette and size that is in sync with the image of the coordination and outfit, determines how good or bad the coordination will be. This is the key to a good or bad coordination.

Next, we introduce 18 recommended outerwear essential for men’s fall/winter style!

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