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Introducing men’s coordinates of the now-popular long coats in a fashionable way!


Introducing men's coordinates of the now-popular long coats in a fashionable way!

The current outerwear trend is toward short jackets that can be easily balanced with wide or baggy pants, and long coats that extend below the knee. Long coats, in particular, are perfect for elevating an adult’s style to an elegant level. In this issue, we focus on ” long coats ” and introduce styling tips, international men’s coordinates for reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

Long coats are now fashionable to wear in black or gray while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.

To look modern in a long coat, use an oversized silhouette and drapes created from the oversized silhouette to create a mature and relaxed look. The oversized silhouette and the drape created by the oversized coat give it a relaxed look, while the black and gray colors give it a modern look. If the center of gravity of the coat is raised by using a short-length inner layer or tucking the coat in, it is not difficult to achieve both a leg-lengthening effect and a modern look by balancing the look with full-length wide pants or baggy denim.

Dressing Point 1A cool and sophisticated impression is created with an axis of black, emphasizing the presence of the long coat

By combining the innerwear and bottoms, which form the axis of the coordinate, with black, a cool and sophisticated impression is created and the long coat, which plays the leading role, can be enhanced. It is also possible to complement the long coat, which is the main feature of the outfit. Of course, it is more effective to use contrasting tones, as shown in this snapshot, but even if the contrasting tones are not so sharp, the presence of the long coat will be emphasized if the textures are distinctively different.

Dressing point ②Accentuate the silhouette of the long coat by blending the colors of the entire styling

By blending the colors of the entire styling with similar colors or the same tone, the attractive long coat, which is hard to achieve with other outerwear The silhouette of the long coat stands out and an elegant atmosphere is created. Worn with the front open, the bold A-line silhouette is emphasized as if impregnated with wind, while the straight I-line silhouette is emphasized when the front is closed. In the fall and winter, the main colors are black, charcoal, navy, and other subdued chic colors, while in the spring and summer, light colors such as beige and light gray can be used to differentiate between the seasons.

Wearing points (3)Long coat coordinates that tend to be monotonous can be stylishly enhanced with accessories unique to winter

Long coats, which dominate the styling impression due to the high percentage of exposed items in the coordinate, tend to look monotonous. The longer the length, the more the bottoms of the coat are exposed. The longer the length, the more limited the exposure of the bottoms, and the less interesting the silhouette can look. However, in winter, when winter jackets, scarves, gloves, and other warm-weather items are indispensable, it is possible to add a “twist” or “playfulness” to a long coat coordinate as an option. The use of winter accessories adds a fashionable atmosphere to the long coat, which can dispel the monotony often associated with long coat coordination and refresh the impression.

Take a quick look at international street snapshots of men wearing long coats! Find the ideal men’s coordination!

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