Glen Check Coat, the real outerwear for men’s fall/winter outfits!


Glen Check Coat, the real outerwear for men's fall/winter outfits!

Glencheck coats are gaining popularity not only among men but also in women’s fashion. Many men may be considering purchasing a glencheck coat as a candidate for fall and winter coats. In this issue, we will introduce the origin and history of the glen check coat, as well as examples of coordination and recommended items!

What is Glen Check?

Glen check (glen check) means a pattern combining staggered checks and hairline stripe checks. It is also sometimes called glenurquhart check. There are two theories as to the origin of the name: (1) It was named after a pattern woven in the valley (glen) of Urquhart in Scotland around the 14th century, and (2) It was named as a pattern of the Glenurquhart family.

What is ” Prince of Wales “, a type of glen check?

The “Prince of Wales” is a type of glen check. It refers to a large glen check (glen plaid) or a glen check with a blue or other color overcheck on top. It is named after the Prince of Wales, who used to wear clothes with the aforementioned pattern when he was the Prince of Wales.

Glen check has an interesting historical origin. The following are some examples of actual outfits that show how to wear glen check.


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