Neon colors are trending this season! Spice up your men’s coordination with a splash of color!


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Neon colors are trending this season! Spice up your men's coordination with a splash of color!

Neon-colored ready-to-wear innerwear (1) “Balenciaga’s Oversized Hoodie

” “Upgrade your coordinates with neon items created through an unorthodox collaboration that’s generating a lot of buzz!”

From the special collection by Balenciaga, one of the hottest brands in the world right now, in partnership with the World Food Programme, we introduce a neon-colored parka. The WFP logo on the front and the slogan “Saving Lives, Changing Lives” on the back are boldly printed on the hoodie, creating a great impact. The item is designed so that 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the World Food Programme, allowing the wearer to be indirectly involved in the charity.

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Neon-colored ready-to-wear innerwear (2) “Maison The Faux’s Neon-colored Sweatshirt

“The neon sweatshirt of the moment from a brand full of humor!”

Maison The Faux is an Amsterdam brand born in 2014.” The brand was established in 2014 and has been developing items with a sense of humor based on the concept of “eliminating preconceived notions of fashion. We picked up this sweatshirt from Maison the Fake because of its eye-catching fluorescent yellow color. In addition to the color, the front center of the sweatshirt has a lettered print to emphasize its presence. The silhouette is also finished in a big line with moderately sloping shoulders, making it a truly trend-conscious piece.

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