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Navy pants for men! Pick up stylish outfits and items that create a beautiful atmosphere.


Navy pants for men! Pick up stylish outfits and items that create a beautiful atmosphere.

Navy pants create an elegant and relaxed adult atmosphere, and can be dressed up or down as desired. They are a staple of beautiful bottoms with a dignified and noble image that raises the level of sophistication of stylish styling. In this issue, we focus on navy pants and introduce the key points of wearing them, men’s coordinates from overseas that can be used as a reference, and recommended items!

Navy pants are a strong choice for raising the level of sophistication of men’s coordination

Navy pants are as versatile as gray slacks or black pants, and are useful for enhancing the clean look of men’s coordination with a dignified and noble image that is hard to achieve with other colors. They are also useful for promoting an intellectual and elegant impression and a sense of cleanliness. As shown in the snapshot below, combining slacks-type navy pants with a tailored jacket completes a highly sophisticated, adult-like jacket style.

There are many types of navy pants. Here we will introduce three points of reference for selecting navy pants to achieve the ideal look, along with some noteworthy coordinating styles.

Dressy slack-faced navy pants elevate a simple coordinate.

Navy pants with a dressy slacks look are versatile bottoms that can elevate a men’s coordinate. They match with clean and simple styles such as jacket pants, white shirts, and T-shirts to show off their noble quality, which is a characteristic of the pants. Differentiate the nuance with different types of shoes, such as U-tip shoes or leather shoes like loafers for a strong dressy taste, or sneakers for a sporty look with a casual feel.

Dressing point 2: “Combine a rugged outerwear with navy chino pants to achieve both a masculine and beautiful impression.

If you want to achieve both a masculine and beautiful impression by styling navy chinos, pairing them with a rugged outerwear is a good idea. Navy pants moderately suppress the rough and rugged look of denim jackets, military jackets, and other rugged outerwear, so you can maintain a mature look and enhance the appearance of your styling. In particular, navy chinos, which can be worn both clean and rough, provide an excellent balance between masculinity and a clean impression, which are opposites of each other.

Dressing Point (3): “To show off the cleanliness of navy pants, the combination with a white top is effective.

The cleanliness that is a characteristic of navy pants can be further enhanced by combining them with a white top. If you are looking to achieve a clean look, try the combination of ” white tops ” and ” navy pants “.

Take a quick look at international street snapshots of navy pants! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

For more navy pants men’s coordination, check out the “OTOKOMAE Snap Page”!

The navy pants outfits we picked up this time and other snapshots are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. By using the hashtag function, you can check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

To see more men's navy pants outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page"!

See how to wear navy pants on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

Recommended Items

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces the “navy pants” that we recommend to our readers based on information obtained through interviews at hot brands’ exhibitions and leading select stores, as well as from our fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended navy pants (1) “PT TORINO Active EPSILON

PT TORINO’s “Active” series offers a beautiful silhouette and comfortable fit. These sports slacks feature zippers on the back pockets, so you don’t have to worry about dropping anything you’ve stowed away, even during strenuous activity. The fabric is made of KINETIC, a high-tech material that is washable, has 360° stretch, shape recovery, quick-drying, and UV-cut functions. Once you experience the stress-free comfort of these slim-fitting pants, you are sure to fall in love with them.

Click here for details and purchase

Recommended navy pants ② “BERWICH SCOTCH

These standard Berwitch slacks have a roomy silhouette that fits the trend and a fashionable image with the model name of Scotch, an alcoholic beverage. The decorative accents of side adjusters, two-in-one pleats, and double-finished hems are a nice touch.

Click here for details and purchase.

Recommended Navy Pants (3) “Dickies Original 874® Work Pants

The navy model of Dickies’ iconic original work pants. The 8.5-ounce TC twill fabric is wrinkle-resistant and durable, making them perfect for active styles.

Click here for details and purchase.

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Recommended Navy Pants 4: “WAIPER.inc British Army ROYAL NAVY COMBAT Cargo Pants Slant Pockets

WAIPER.inc reproduced the trousers worn by the Royal Navy (RN) aircraft carrier and submarine crews of the British Armed Forces. The slanted cargo pockets add a different accent from other cargo pants. 9,680 yen (including tax) as of September 2023 is an attractive price tag.

Click here for details and purchase

Recommended navy pants (5) “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS LIBRA PARIS

This navy model of semi-wide slacks has a relaxed overall silhouette that looks slim and stylish when viewed from the front by incorporating ironwork around the buttocks and adjusting the amount of pattern paper while repeating sample production. Combined with the feel of the 100% wool fabric, which has a high drape, the bottoms of these slacks will add elegance to men’s coordination.

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