Why GP’s new “DEMETER” is the right choice for mini wallets!


Why GP's new "DEMETER" is the right choice for mini wallets!

Mini wallets are becoming a standard category. If you are going to use it in real life, you should not compromise on points such as “storage capacity,” “durability,” “good feel,” and “luxury,” even if it is a mini-purse, or rather, because it is a mini-purse. However, it is not easy to find a mini wallet that meets all of these requirements when you start looking for one. This time, we would like to introduce the latest mini wallet “DEMETER” which may be a good news for such people!

The “DEMETER” is a new star of thin gusset mini wallets.

Although electronic money and credit cards are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many stores in Japan that “only accept cash. It is still a man’s prerogative to carry a certain amount of cash in case of emergency. When carrying a 10,000 yen bill, a few coins, and a few credit cards, a thin-gusset type of mini wallet is not enough capacity. The “DEMETER” leather mini wallet was developed to meet the aforementioned requirements. By designing the wallet to accommodate Japanese yen without waste, it has a small size and a storage capacity that does not match the size of the wallet.

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The best thing about DEMETER (1) “Full use of prismatic stamped real leather that is stain-resistant!

The Demeter is made of prismatic leather, a genuine leather with a fine-grained pattern. Prismatic leather, which reflects light from all angles, creates a sense of luxury and is scratch resistant, making it a good match for wallets. It is one of the leathers used by many Maison brands.

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Luxurious specification with leather even on the back side.

While many genuine leather wallets on the market today cut costs by attaching fabric to the inside of the wallet, Demeter is made of genuine leather, even the inner lining, making it highly durable and giving it a luxurious finish. The inside of the zip pocket, which can easily be used as a coin purse, is also covered with leather.

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The excellent point of Demeter (2) “Because the edge of the leather is polished, the shine and taste of the leather will deepen as you use it more and more!

The “edge” is the part that determines the appearance of a leather item. The Demeter uses a “polished” finish. This is said to be a finishing process that gives the leather a unique taste as it is used more and more, since the original leather material is polished to bring out its luster. While there is a more efficient way to achieve the beauty of a new product by coating it with paint, we have adopted the time-consuming polished finish to allow the wearer to experience the charm of leather after repeated use.

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The original Inazuma-shaped card pocket” is one of the DEMETER’s best features.

The “inazuma-shaped pocket detail,” which was created as a result of pursuing a simple yet highly original design and practicality that goes beyond mere decoration, is also noteworthy. This corner-conscious cutting enhances the ease of viewing and retrieving stored cards. The pocket openings are all treated with a special technique to ensure both high quality and durability.

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The Demeter’s Advantage (4) “Severe dimension setting that Japanese banknotes can be folded in two”.

The width of the pocket is just wide enough to hold two folded Japanese banknotes, which is also an excellent point. Since both sides of the body have pockets, it is recommended to use the front side for banknotes and the back side for receipts and tickets.

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The Demeter’s Advantage #5: “High-quality zip detailing

The metal parts are one of the major points that determine the look of the wallet. First of all, Everbright made by YKK, the steel plate of high quality zips, is used as the base. This material is characterized by its high durability and elegant shine, and has a look that sets it apart from others. The slider part is made of plain metal plates for a simple yet luxurious and smart appearance.

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Versatile storage space that is not a mini wallet.

The compact size fits easily into a slacks or jacket pocket, yet it has three free pockets and five card pockets, providing ample storage space. Surprisingly few thin-gusseted mini wallets can hold coins, bills, cards, and receipts separately. It is useful not only as a main wallet for those who make a lot of electronic payments, but also as a second wallet when traveling.

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The gusseted zip pocket makes it easy to get coins in and out.

The gusseted design of the zip pocket makes it easy to insert and remove coins. With thin gussets, it is not uncommon to have trouble storing coins, but with Demeter, such stress is likely to be alleviated considerably.

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