Stan Smith Codes Special! Introducing the appeal & outfits of Adidas’ versatile sneakers!


Stan Smith Codes Special! Introducing the appeal & outfits of Adidas' versatile sneakers!

Originally released in 1973 as the signature model of legendary professional tennis player Stan Smith, the Stan Smith has been an icon of the Adidas brand ever since. The three stripes, the symbol of the brand, are discreetly expressed by punching, and can be worn with a variety of styles from dress to casual without being obtrusive. In this issue, we focus on the “Stan Smiths” and pick up the most notable outfits and recommended items!

What is the “Stan Smith,” the Adidas masterpiece known as the “world’s best-selling sneaker?

The Stan Smith was introduced in 1973, and as of 1991, 22 million pairs of this iconic Adidas sneaker had been sold. (*Some say that Converse’s All Star, which has not applied for Guinness World Records, has surpassed the Stan Smith in terms of total sales.) Originally, it was a tennis shoe named “Hylett” released to commemorate the success of a tennis player named Robert Hylett, but it was renamed to the current “Stan Smith” to honor the achievements of Stanley Roger Smith, another tennis player who loved to wear the same model. However, there is an episode in which the name was changed to the current “Stanley Smith” in honor of the achievements of Stanley Roger Smith, another tennis player who was a fan of the same model.

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Stan Smith Design Characteristics

The Stan Smith is characterized by its simple design. The upper is made of glass leather, with ventilation holes on the sides reminiscent of the three stripes, and colored designs on the heel patch and tongue, and the sophisticated design fits easily with various styles. The Stan Smith’s simple yet profound appeal is also a unique feature of the shoe, as some enthusiasts are particular about the differences in design from vintage models and the country of origin.

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