16 outdoor brands strong enough for town use!


16 outdoor brands strong enough for town use!

The outdoors, which is based on activities in the vastness of nature, is booming, driven in part by the current demand to avoid the “three closes” of everyday life: hermetic, dense, and in close proximity. Outdoor wear with excellent functionality is attracting attention as a kind of fashion trend, as it is increasingly being worn by light users because of its convenience as street wear or for everyday use. In the past few years, outdoor brands have been developing clothing designed to be suitable for street wear with a less gear-like feel. In this issue, we pick up some of the hottest brands with the theme of outdoor wear for town use.

The number of men who stylishly incorporate outdoor brand wear is rapidly increasing!

Due in part to the popularity of down jackets, mountain parkas, down pants, climbing pants, and other items designed for outdoor use are becoming a standard item of clothing that can be mixed with regular outfits. The details that emphasize practicality unique to outdoor brand clothing are designed differently from casual wear and add a sporty atmosphere to the outfits. If you find yourself in a rut with your usual casual style, why not consider adding outdoor brand clothing to your wardrobe?

Outdoor brand ① “ARC’TERYX

Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The brand name is derived from the scientific name of the first bird, which is known as the oldest bird species, and the distinctive brand logo was designed based on the best condition Berlin specimen among the fossils found there. In addition to clothing items, the brand offers a total lineup of outdoor-related items such as bags and footwear. In 2020, the brand announced a collaboration with Off-White, a pioneering luxury street brand. With a background in fashion-oriented approaches such as the above, it can be said that the brand is perfect for town use.

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This is a recommended item from ” Arc’teryx “!

The brand has released many such masterpieces, and we are pleased to introduce the “Skyline LS,” a tech shirt made of functional material. Not only is it moisture-wicking and quick-drying, but it is also stretchable and comfortable to wear. The front closure is a snap-button type with a winged tailoring, and it is both sophisticated in appearance and functional in that it is easy to put on and take off, so you can expect it to work well as street wear. The wide range of color variations, from modern black to vivid orange and blue, and urban navy and gray, is also a plus.

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Outdoor brand②”WOOLRICH

Woolrich” is known as America’s oldest outdoor brand. Today, many brands are using GORE-TEX material, but Woolrich has been developing GORE-TEX for about 50 years, and its sophisticated design and high quality go without saying. It is also important to note that the brand has provided clothing for Antarctica expeditions and the U.S. military. The collection is rich in items ranging from gear items with rigid specifications to well-designed clothes that can be worn in an urban and mature atmosphere. Incidentally, Woolrich is also the creator of the “buffalo check,” which is a familiar staple of American casual wear. Outdoor” and “American casual” are hot words these days, so check them out, whether you are a serious fan of the outdoors or a trendsetter!

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Recommended items from ” WOOLRICH “!

Speaking of Woolrich, you can’t miss their outerwear collection. The most famous is the Arctic Parka, but there are many other famous models as well. The Mountain Parka, for example, is one of the most popular models in Woolrich’s history. The placement of the three patch pockets & zip pockets on the front is said to have been used as a design reference by various brands. The mountain parka from the Authentic Collection picked up this time is a model sublimated into a modern design while referring to the archives around the 1970s. The specifications are reminiscent of good old-fashioned details such as Bislon zippers and map pockets on the back style.

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Outdoor Brand ③ “POLER

Polar” is a new outdoor brand that mixes the lifestyles of surfers, skaters, and snowboarders. Since its launch in Portland, Oregon in 2010, the brand has continued to develop a wide range of items from camping gear to apparel with a highly flexible design overflowing with a playful and gentle spirit. The affordable pricing is also good.

Recommended items from ” POLER “!

Poller offers a wide variety of items with innovative designs that are perfect for town use. One example is a sweatshirt with nylon pockets and a changeover design. The brand’s unique sense of style will surely add a touch of flair to your outfits. Other popular items include beanies, sakosh, and other small accessories.

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