Camel Coat Codes Men’s Special! Classy colorful outfits & recommended items!


Camel Coat Codes Men's Special! Classy colorful outfits & recommended items!

Camel coats are a great way to differentiate yourself from fall and winter outerwear, which tends to be dominated by dark tones such as standard navy, gray, and cool black, and to break out of the mass-production style mold. It is a perfect choice for creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, accentuating mild male charm, and giving a bright and beautiful impression to your outfits. In this issue, we focus on the “camel coat” and introduce the most notable coordinates and recommended items!

Differentiate your men’s winter wardrobe with a rich and gentle camel coat

Domenico Gianfurrate, director of PT Torino, chose a double belted camel coat and paired it with a black turtleneck and short gray checked slacks. The camel coat gives a rich and gentle atmosphere that dark-toned coats cannot achieve, and the rough waist belt gives the outfit a masculine look. The flowing line from the beautiful silhouette of the slacks to the brown suede side gore boots also matches the atmosphere of the camel coat and is irresistibly elegant.

hevo Camel Coat

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Combine a camel coat with white items to emphasize the clean look of the coordinate

Alessandro Squalzi, the designer behind Volterra, emphasized the clean look of the camel coat by pairing the long, double-length camel coat with a white shirt and white cotton pants. He added masculine touches by setting on a pair of glossy brown lace-up boots, completing the winter latte coordinate practiced by many fashionable people. His camel coat, which expresses a unique style through the skillful use of color, reveals an adult bitter taste behind the mildness of the coat.

hevo Camel Coat

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