Casual shirts by type! Check out the examples of outfits & recommended items as well!


Casual shirts by type! Check out the examples of outfits & recommended items as well!

Compared to dress shirts, these casual shirts have an appealingly relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. While it is generally considered inappropriate to wear on formal occasions such as weddings and funerals, some business-style shirts can be expected to work well as a diversion depending on the type of work. In this issue, we focus on such “casual shirts” and introduce the hottest items by type!

What is a casual shirt?

Casual shirts refer to all shirts used for holiday wear or sportswear. There is no particular fabric specification, but most shirts tend to be woven with a rough, soft look, such as oxford or flannel. As there are no detailed regulations like formal wear, you can choose your favorite design.

The image shows oxford on the left and twill on the right. The difference in the weave pattern can be clearly seen when comparing them.

Pick up a casual shirt by type!

Casual shirts range from oxford shirts to denim shirts with different fabric textures, as well as shirts that focus on details such as button-down and flap pocket designs. In this issue, we categorize these casual shirts into 12 types, pick up the characteristics of each, and introduce items of interest!

Casual shirt ① “Denim/chambray/dungaree shirts that create a wild mood

When you hear the word “casual shirt,” denim shirts are probably the first thing that comes to mind for many people. As the name suggests, denim shirts are made from denim fabric, which was originally used as work clothes, and are popular as a standard item for casual coordinates. Generally, indigo blue shirts in general are called denim shirts, but to be precise, there are three types of fabric: “denim,” “chambray,” and “dungaree. These have slightly different fabric textures, so it is worth checking them out.

Want to know more about denim shirts? Check out this article if you want to know more about denim shirts! ↓

関連記事 Special feature on denim shirt coordinates! Thorough coverage of each type, how to choose, and examples of men's outfits!
デニムシャツ コーデ特集!種類別の解説から選び方、メンズの着こなし事例までを徹底網羅
The denim shirt is a popular staple of the American casual look that gives off a masculine image. It can be worn alone ...

Recommended denim shirt ① “Giannetto Indigo Blue VINCI FIT

This denim shirt has a semi-wide collar for a cozy look. The indigo-dyed fabric is washed to soften the tough impression by giving it a moderately faded appearance. The sides are also narrowed to give it a clean silhouette, so it can be used for both dress and casual wear.

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Denim shirt recommendation ②[Nudie Jeans Deep Blue Black Denim Shirt

This soft and comfortable shirt is made of organic cotton denim of moderate thickness. It features black denim that gives a chic and urban impression, and since deep blue is used for the weft yarn, you can enjoy aging as the color fades to create a unique look.

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