Here are the latest trendy hairstyles for 2024! Top 20 men’s hairstyles determined by public vote


Here are the latest trendy hairstyles for 2024! Top 20 men's hairstyles determined by public vote

HOT PEPPER Beauty announced the latest men’s hairstyles ranked in the “Best Style Category” and the salons ranked in the “Best Salon Category.


From over 40,000 hairstyles, to the users of “HOT PEPPER Beauty”. The final nominees were selected from over 40,000 hairstyles through an Internet survey of “Hot Pepper Beauty” users. The top 20 best styles in the men’s and women’s categories were selected by a public vote by users.

Men's 1st Place in Best Style CategoryShort Hair Up Bang Short by LIPPS hair Omotesando

The first-place winner in the men’s style category was a fresh short hair style with an up-bang. The sides are neatly trimmed in a two-block style, and the collar is left slightly longer, creating a wolf-based hairstyle that is very current. This is a short hairstyle that looks cool even if the hair is left black without coloring.

Check out the hairstyles in detail.

Men's 2nd place in the best style categoryHalf-Up High Tone by MEN'S salon GOALD Shibuya Jinnan

The second-place winner in the men’s style category is a half-up hairdo with long bangs that are casually left half-up to give the impression of weightlessness. The second-ranked men’s style was a high-tone style in which the long bangs are casually half-updated so as not to make the hair look heavy. The entire hairstyle has a frizzy movement, so even with black hair, the style will be airy and light. For those who are not allowed to use hair color due to workplace regulations or school rules, black hair is an option.

Check out the hairstyles in detail.

[wave perm by LIPPS hair Chiba annex” subtitle=”Men’s 3rd place in the best style category”]

Wave perm is one of the most popular perm styles for men these days. Such wavy perm style ranked third in the men’s category. The hair is trimmed from the sides to the collar to give it a fresh, crisp look, and then swept back as if it were brushed up, creating a masculine, short hairstyle. The wavy perm stands out when it is waxed with gel or wet wax to give it a glossy look.

Check out the hairstyles in detail

Men’s category 4 to 10 are here!

These styles are ranked in 4th to 10th place. It should be noted that 12 of the top 20 ranked hairstyles are by the very popular salon ” LIPPS hair “. This highlights the power of this influential salon, which has always been at the forefront of hair trends in Japan.

▶︎ Check here for the 11th to 20th place in the men’s category.

What is ” HOT PEPPER Beauty AWARD “?

The “HOT PEPPER Beauty AWARD” sponsored by “HOT PEPPER Beauty” was started with the hope of helping to revitalize the beauty industry by creating a place where salons and stylists who provide excellent treatments and services on a daily basis are noticed and recognized. It consists of two categories: the “Best Style Category,” which announces the most popular hairstyles as voted by users, and the “Best Salon Category,” which honors the hair salons that are most frequently used by users.

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