How to use a professional hair iron? Also includes product recommendations for men!


How to use a professional hair iron? Also includes product recommendations for men!

Hair irons can expand the range of hair setting and enhance perfection, such as straightening slightly frizzy hair, creating permed-like curls, or creating an outside look. In this issue, we introduce how to use such hair irons and recommended products!


Eito Miyanaga lectures on how to use a hair iron!

The image of hair irons being used by women is a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are many products designed for men, and the number of users is increasing. Popular men’s hairstyles such as comma bangs, wavy waves, and C curls can be easily achieved with a hair iron. It is useful for straightening frizzy hair or creating a slightly different arrangement, so there is no harm in having a hair iron. This time, we introduce how to use such hair irons and recommended products in a video. Eito Miyanaga, an active hairdresser and content provider on the theme of grooming for adult men, gave us a lecture on this topic, so be sure to check it out!

How to use a hair iron (1) “Just slide it on!

If you are worried about a slight waviness at the ends of your hair or uneven curls, it’s time to use a hair iron. Simply pick up the part of the hair you are concerned about, place it between the hair iron and slide it through the hair, and you can instantly fix any wavy or uneven curls. The tips to keep in mind when using it are to set the temperature to 180 degrees and to heat it slowly. By the way, setting the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius or higher, applying the iron for an extremely long time, or ironing only the ends of the hair will damage the hair and cause it to dry out.

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How to use a hair iron (2) “It makes the hair fit better and the hairstyle look much more complete!

Japanese people are said to have stiff and straight hair, which often causes their hair to float. In such cases, bending the ends of the hair with a hair iron can make the hair much more manageable. This is also easy to do. Just use a dacquard ( clip) to separate the hair into several sections, take a bunch of hair and curl it from the middle of the hair toward the back. The advantage of this method is that the curls give the hair a sexy look and make the face look smaller.

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Even the cliffs that are common among Japanese people can be covered with a hair iron!

By using the above techniques, you can easily cover up the cliffs that are said to be common among Japanese people. Simply take a bunch of hair at the back of the head, run a hair iron through it to curl it inward, and quickly blend it in. This alone creates a rounded shape and a beautiful silhouette when viewed from the side. This technique is difficult to use unless you have at least 8 cm of hair, but if you have medium-length hair and suffer from a precipice, why not give it a try?

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