4 center-parted and side-parted hairstyles of celebrities that men in their 30s want to imitate


4 center-parted and side-parted hairstyles of celebrities that men in their 30s want to imitate

When placing an order at a hair salon, it is better to have a clear request, “I want this haircut for this person! It is also easier for the hair stylist to visualize the cut and perm. This time, we will introduce recommendations for center-parted and side-parted hairstyles with parted bangs from celebrities in Japan and abroad who are often used as reference for hairstyles!

(1) BTS V (Tae-Tae)

Although currently on hiatus, each member of BTS has an overwhelming influence even individually. Not only is his sweet mask popular among women, but many men also admire his style, and his hairstyle tends to be trendy in Japan. In particular, karma hair* like the one in this snap, which could be called THE Korean hair, can be seen in the streets. The appeal of this style is that it is easy to style with a natural styling product such as hair balm after drying, as long as the perm is loose and flows backwards on a wolf base. Men in their 30s who are looking for an easy-to-understand, modern hairstyle should take a look at his haircut.

Karma is the Korean word for “parting,” and karma hair refers to a hairstyle with an outside parting.

(2) Leonardo DiCaprio

In the past few years, when the center part and Korean hair styles have been in vogue, “DiCaprio hair” has become a key word that stands out from the rest. The term “DiCaprio hair” refers to the hairstyle of the young DiCaprio when he appeared in the movies ‘ Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Titanic,’ rather than his current hairstyle. The style is characterized by a 7:3 to 8:2 split in the bangs, with one side brushed back without a clear parting. This style is often ordered by hairdressers, who ask for “DiCaprio hair,” and various hairstylists introduce it on YouTube and social networking sites. The sexy side parted haircut is sure to suit men in their 30s.

(3) Kensuke Nitta

Kensuke Nitta made his name known around the world with his appearance as Zoro in the live-action version of ‘ One Piece. He has a handsome face, which he inherited from his father, Shinichi Chiba, and has many male fans. While Zorro’s haircut is hard to copy, the center-parted hairstyle he had when he starred in Saint Seiya, the film in which he starred one year earlier, would be easy for men in their thirties to adopt. The hair is permed with the ends swept outward and styled with wet styling products, giving it a smart, cool look that appeals to everyone.

(4) Ryo Narita

Ryo Narita is an actor with a unique atmosphere who has been in demand for movies and TV dramas. While incorporating trends, his hair style expresses his own world view, and this photo is one of them. The short mache-based center-parted style is finished off with a curly perm to give it a unique look. If you want to add an arrangement to the long-trendy center parted hair or a simple haircut, why not take a look at his haircut like this?

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