Ten examples of men’s classic popular hair ” Hallyu Mash ” hairstyles!


Ten examples of men's classic popular hair " Hallyu Mash " hairstyles!

Hallyu mash has been highly popular for more than 10 years and has become a staple of men’s hairstyles. In this issue, we will focus on the ” Hallyu Mash ” and introduce examples of hairstyles and styling techniques.

What is Hallyu Mash? Is it different from regular mash hair?

Hallyu mash” refers to mash hair with heavy bangs and a smooth texture. Basically, it refers to weighty mash hair with bangs down, but hair with bangs arranged in a center part or comma bangs is also often included in the Hallyu mash genre. This is because they are said to be hairstyles that are arranged from Hallyu mash. The silhouette is similar but the finished look is different, so it is best to choose according to your preference.

How to order Hallyu mash?

However, since there are so many different styles of mash hair being proposed these days, it is a good idea to specify the length of the mash so that it is easy for the hair stylist to understand. The key point of Korean style mash is the weight of the bangs, so it is recommended to order the bangs above the eyes and the sides lightly over the ears. The back can be left long or trimmed, and a wolf cut style is also popular, so it is up to the customer’s preference. Incidentally, if you have hard or curly hair that is difficult to manage, you can easily recreate the Hallyu mash look by using a down perm to control volume and waviness.

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