Which hairstyle looks good with glasses? Introducing 10 recommended men’s hair & styling techniques.


Which hairstyle looks good with glasses? Introducing 10 recommended men's hair & styling techniques.

Glasses and hair are both elements that greatly affect the impression of the face. The goal for mature men should be to style their hair in such a way that both elements complement each other. In this article, we will introduce “hairstyles that look good with eyeglasses.

First, let’s look at hairstyles that suit each type of glasses!

There are many variations in the term “spectacles,” and different hairstyles look good with different designs. Let’s start with hairstyles that look good on different types of eyeglasses.

Which hairstyle looks good on Wellington eyeglasses?

Wellington is one of the standard eyeglass designs. Wellingtons are attractive because of their versatility, suitable for everything from dress styles to casual outfits, and not limited to any face shape. Wellingtons have a strong presence in the frame design, so it is best to match them with a light hairstyle that shows off the forehead and keeps the face clean. Wellingtons with thick frames give a particularly heavy impression, so curling the ends of the hair or giving it an airy finish for a soft atmosphere will help balance the look. On the other hand, if you match them with mash hair with heavy bangs, they will look unbalanced.

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What hairstyle goes well with Boston spectacles?

Boston type glasses have an intellectual and unique atmosphere. Surprisingly, you can choose any hairstyle to match them, and they look good with a wide range of hair styles from standard hair styles such as center part, mash, and loose permed hair, to barber hair styles such as buzz cut and fade cut. Keep in mind, however, that the Boston spectacles you should choose will depend on your face shape and size. The basic type is said to be Boston with lens widths of 52~56mm and a slightly wider vertical width, but this is only for reference purposes as the position of the eyes and nose will also affect the impression the spectacles give when worn.

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What is the best hairstyle for square glasses?

Square spectacles are characterized by horizontal frames with well-defined corners. They are popular in business scenes as they give a cool and intellectual impression, and go well with traditional or barber’s hair with a two-blocked, side-swept style. Casual hairstyles also go well with this style, as long as the man below has his forehead showing and his bangs are kept away from his glasses.

It is also important to choose frames for eyeglasses that match your face shape!

In order for spectacles to suit you, it is important to choose frames that match not only your hair style but also your face shape. The golden balance of eyeglass frames is said to be “the length of the frame is about 1/3 of the length from the top of the eyebrows to the chin.” If the frames are chosen perfectly, the face will look twice as attractive, but if the frames are not chosen correctly, the face will look bigger or the eyes will look closer together. However, if you fail to choose the right frames, your face will look bigger or your eyes will appear to be leaning in, which will give a negative impression.

If you have a long face, choose frames with a wide center to center width!

Wellington or Boston frames with a wide center to the top and bottom are suitable for long face contours. These frames cover the vertical length of the face and will surely balance out the face. In addition, since high bridges and temples may make the lower part of the face look longer than the eyes, it is recommended to choose glasses with fridges and temples at the bottom of the frame.

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For round faces, “angular frames” create a crisp impression!

If you have a round face, it is a good idea to choose square or other angular frames that do not emphasize the roundness of the face. Also, round faces have a higher horizontal proportion than other face types, so half-rim frames that give the impression of a longer face would be a good choice. On the other hand, be careful with round frames such as Boston or oval frames, as they will accentuate the roundness of the face.

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If you have a triangular face, choose “rounded frames” to enhance your face line.

For a triangular face with a sharp jawline, rounded frames such as Boston or oval frames suit the face well. The addition of roundness to the face through the use of eyeglasses not only balances the face but also accentuates the sharpness of the face line. Incidentally, rounded spectacles also emphasize the power of the eyes, so they are also recommended for those who suffer from narrow eyes.

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For square or base-shaped faces, choose “curved frames” to achieve a good balance.

Square and base faces are attractive because of their straight and well-defined facial lines. While it is possible to choose square frames to accentuate the crisp impression, it is better to choose curved frames such as Boston or round frames for a well-balanced look. If you want to emphasize the softness of Boston or round frames, we recommend thick frames, combination frames made of different materials, or other eyeglasses with a strong presence.

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