UNIQLO Ebisu Store Finally Opens! Introducing all the special measures to celebrate the store’s opening!


UNIQLO Ebisu Store Finally Opens! Introducing all the special measures to celebrate the store's opening!

UNIQLO will open its long-awaited “UNIQLO Ebisu Store” on Friday, April 26. The store will be accompanied by a variety of campaigns and limited novelty items.

UNIQLO opens long-awaited store in a sophisticated adult town with convenient access

The UNIQLO Ebisu store is conveniently located just a 30-second walk from the west exit of Ebisu Station. This is the first store in the Ebisu area. In keeping with Ebisu’s image as a sophisticated adult town, UNIQLO plans to develop the store as a convenient yet fashionable place to experience fashion. UNIQLO will also actively provide customer service using “StyleHint,” an app developed by UNIQLO to help shoppers suggest outfits, as well as disseminate information through “Live Station,” an online streaming event UNIQLO has been developing. UNIQLO is also actively communicating information through “LIVE STATION,” an online streaming event. UNIQLO stores will be a place where the latest and most fashionable clothes are always available. In addition, UNIQLO is also focusing on training its sales staff to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of customers.

Special projects at UTme! reflect the charm of the Ebisu area

UTme! is a service that allows users to print their favorite designs and photos on T-shirts. At the Ebisu store, all of the original designs have been created in collaboration with local businesses, including Sapporo Beer’s “Yebisu Beer,” the symbol of Ebisu, the Yamatane Museum of Art, the first museum in Japan dedicated to Japanese-style painting, and Sarudahiko Coffee, a specialty coffee shop from Ebisu. The collection will feature 10 T-shirts and tote bags (large and small) in 10 original designs (four from Yebisu Beer, three from the Yamatane Museum of Art, and three from the Sardahiko Coffee shop).

Special measures at the time of opening from April 26 (Fri.) (*All measures will end as soon as they are gone.)

The first 1,000 customers to arrive every day for three days from April 26 (Fri.) to 28 (Sun.) will receive a 235ml bottle of “Kiritto BLACK Coffee (unsweetened)” from the popular coffee shop “Sarutahiko Coffee” in Ebisu.
The first 900 customers who make a purchase of 10,000 yen or more during the four-day period from April 29 (Mon.) to May 2 (Thu.) will receive the Ebisu store’s original scaled bottle.
The limited original pocket tissues will be distributed to 6,000 customers at the store or near train stations, etc.
Until the day before the store opens, 3,000 original Pochi bags containing 5 yen coins will be distributed at UNIQLO Ebisu stores and near Ebisu Station.
UNIQLO Ebisu original shopper (free of charge) will be offered to customers who purchase items at UNIQLO Ebisu store.

[“Store Information”].

Name: UNIQLO Ebisu Store (click here for store overview )
Access: Q Plaza Ebisu 1 & 2F, 1-8-12 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (30-second walk from West Exit of JR Ebisu Station)
Sales floor area: approx. 210 tsubo
Products: women’s and men’s wear

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