Romance gray hair for a natural “adult cool” look! Introducing recommended hair and styling techniques.


Romance gray hair for a natural "adult cool" look! Introducing recommended hair and styling techniques.

The Romance Gray style allows the gray hair to be used to create a natural, unpretentious masculinity and sex appeal. In Europe, the United States, and other countries, it is said that the fashion for adults is how to make gray hair look cool and attractive, rather than how to hide it by dying it gray. In this issue, we will focus on the ” Romance Gray ” and introduce its merits and recommended hairstyles along with styling techniques.

What is “Romance Gray”?

Romance Gray is a hairstyle in which gray hair is dyed gray or mixed with black hair to create a gray tone throughout. Since the gray hair is not dyed brown or black, it does not make the wearer look young, but rather gives the hair an austere and sexy appearance. It also creates a slightly more subdued atmosphere than highlights, which are also popular as a cover for gray hair. Gray hair dyeing is also called “gray color” or “gray hair blurring,” so be careful when making a reservation.

What are the advantages of using romance gray?

The most significant advantage is that it eliminates the need to dye gray hair frequently, which saves cost and time, and reduces damage caused by colorants. Also, the appearance of the hair does not look like it has been dyed, which is an advantage because it gives the hair a mature, relaxed look appropriate for the age of the person. Basically, Romance Gray is recommended for people in their late 30s or older, when gray hair begins to show, but it can also be used by people in their 20s and 30s, when young gray hair begins to show. If your face and atmosphere are too young to express the austere coolness of romance gray, balance it out with a more mature look in your clothes.

Pick up the romance gray style! Including styling products and setting tips!

Here are some recommended romance gray styles. We have carefully selected hairstyles that give the impression of cleanliness and a calm, mature coloring, so please refer to them.

Romance Gray Recommended Men’s Hair (1) “Romance Gray with a perm for an adult fade style

The fade style is a representative of the barber style, which is one of the recent trends in men’s hair. It is a haircut in which the hair is trimmed from the fringe and collar to the top with a gradation of hair length from around 0mm to 0.3mm. Since it is trimmed shorter than a typical two-block haircut, it is easy to keep the gray hairs out of sight. The key to this hairstyle is that the top and bangs are left long and permed to accentuate the fade and create a powerful impression. The romance gray complements the slightly evil look and is supremely cool.

▶︎ Styling tips

Apply hair gel for a wet texture as if scratching up the hair. Rub styling product in before completely drying the hair, and then shape the silhouette with your hands or a coarse comb. It is important not to pull the hair too much so as not to spoil the texture of the perm. Incidentally, you can also use hair grease or pomade for a wet finish, but we recommend using a hair gel that hardens quickly for a more rugged and wild look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Yanagiya Honten Apiro Super Hard Gel”

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Romance Gray Recommended Men’s Hair 2: “Clean & Wild Silver Feather Updo Style

A type of fade cut, the feather updo is a hairstyle that combines a short fade gradient trim with an upvang. The haircut looks like a shattered regent style, and since it is raised with a playful touch to the bangs, it becomes a little less forceful and adds a sense of coziness. The white color of this feathered updo style creates a lightness that makes the playfulness stand out even more. The white color of this feather up-do style creates a lightness that makes it look more playful.

▶︎ Styling Tips

When drying the hair, the key to creating a silhouette is to blow air from the underside of the bangs to make them stand up. This hairstyle is not swept up directly behind the head, but to one side, so it is recommended that some direction be taken when drying. Use hair grease as a styling product to hold the hair flow while adding shine.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Nissri Cool Grease Pericia EX EXTRA HARD”

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Romance Gray Recommended Men’s Hair 3: “Short layered style with ash gray added elegance.

The addition of ash to the gray coloring gives this hair style a mature and elegant look with its dull and distinguished tones. Gray and ash often go well together, and the key point is that they can create a stylish look regardless of age. Since the men here have a large proportion of gray hair, the highlight of this style is that the color is spread evenly throughout the hair to show off the full benefits of the color. The finishing touch is a lasting control that removes residual alkali agents from the chemicals to improve the color and texture of the hair.

▶︎ Styling Tips

The layered cut adjusts the volume, making it easy to create movement. After drying quickly around the scalp, spread hair gel on the palms of your hands and blend in while lifting the hair to make it stand up. It is important not to apply too much styling product in order to achieve both shine and a three-dimensional look.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “LIPPS (Lips) Free Hard Gel”

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Romance Gray Recommended Men’s Hair (4) “A refreshingly casual adult style with a hair style of upswept bangs.

The Chili-Three Updo is a perfect balance of cleanliness and masculinity that can be worn with any outfit or occasion. The key point is that the wild atmosphere of the hair is brought together chicly by the calmness and elegance of the romance gray color. Another secret to the mature look is that the two-block hairstyle is understated and not emphasized. The hair can be styled in a variety of ways, from wet and crisp to loose with wax.

▶︎ Styling tips

This time, styling was done with gel wax, which has a good balance between maneuverability and luster. By fluffing it up while adding shine, a casual look was achieved. For a completely different impression, how about using hair gel or grease to create a classical texture with a tight finish?

Styling products recommended for this haircut: ▶︎ “hoyu Minire Uiwi Design Jam 10”

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Romance Gray Recommended men’s hair 5: “A good-looking, masculine belly-short style that pursues a stylish and masculine look.

An orthodox belly-short style with the sides and back trimmed short is colored to create an adult style that takes it up a notch. The coloring is a transparent, stylish color with a gray base that has been blurred out. The timeless masculinity of the tous vérissage and sophisticated coloring is recommended for those who want to achieve an urban, good-looking man.

▶︎ Styling tips

The simple design allows you to change the atmosphere depending on your styling. It would be cool to use hair wax to create a bundled look like the man here, or to use a wet styling product to give it a more formal look. However, remember that gray hair tends to be dry, so just make it shiny.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Shine Over Gloss x Keep”

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