Unpretentious and stylish with a kinky perm! 10 examples of men’s hair in season


Unpretentious and stylish with a kinky perm! 10 examples of men's hair in season

This curly permed hair style can create an unpretentious and stylish look for any age. It is a popular hairstyle that gives a good impression because it is natural and not overly elaborate. In this issue, we will introduce recommended hairstyles and styling techniques based on the theme of “frizzy permed hair.

What is “kinky perm”?

As the name suggests, a perm style gives the hair a frizzy, unruly texture. The degree of “frizzy hair” varies from person to person, but in general, it refers to a loose perm with one curl or so. The most common types of perms are the nuanced perm, which is curled with a large rod, and the pin perm and spiral perm, which are applied weakly. Since it gives the hair a natural frizzy look, it is the perfect way to give your hair a casual makeover.

How do I order a curly-hair style perm?

There are various types of “kinky hair” styles, such as hairstyles with a rough, springy look, simple styles with just a touch of movement in the hair flow, and foreigner-style curly styles. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare a reference image for smooth ordering. Depending on the hair type, a weak perm may cause the curls to grow out quickly, so it is possible to enjoy the process of the curls falling out by applying a slightly stronger perm.

Here are 10 men’s curly permed hair styles that are sure to increase your likability! Including tips on how to set and style them!

Here are some popular curly permed hairstyles. We have picked up hairstyles with different characteristics, so please refer to them for reference.

Recommended men’s hair with a curly perm (1) “The freshness and unpretentious stylishness of a two-block short hair style

This is a fresh short hairstyle with a clean-cut look created by trimming the hair not too short and controlling the volume. The moderately clean-cut hair around the ears and collar, combined with the freshness of the see-through bangs, creates a hairstyle that is sure to be popular with everyone. The key is a natural look that does not look like it has been permed. Another appeal of this style is that it is easy to match without worrying about the shape of the head or face. It is also attractive because it allows for a wide range of hair arrangements, such as up-bangs and partings.

▶︎ Styling tips

After rough drying, apply soft wax to the entire hair. Lightly pinch the ends of the hair to create a bunchy look, and let the bangs fall naturally to complete the look. To create volume at the top, dry the hair so that it is airy and rub the styling into the hair.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “MANDOM Gatsby Moving Rubber Loose Shuffle.

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Curly hair style perm recommended for men’s hair (2) “Elegant, Western-style curly hair that gives a sense of maturity.

This is a permed style with slightly stronger curls that is known as the “foreigner style”. The rough hair ends are parted in a traditional style, giving it an attractive, traditional look. Another key point is that the sides and back are trimmed into a crisp two-block style. The key is how to style it elegantly and coolly, since the movement is flashy. Incidentally, for curly, frizzy permed hair with strong curls like this hairstyle, it is easier to control the volume if the hair is fine.

▶︎ Styling Tips

After towel drying, rub hair oil mainly on the ends of the hair and dry with a hair dryer. Part the hair not in a straight line, but in an about line. This will accentuate the natural look and create a stylish, adult-like atmosphere.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “hoyu NiNE Multi-Styling Oil Light”

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Kinky perm recommended men’s hair (3) “Up-bang short haircut with wavy hair and shaved corners for a wild look.

The frizzy permed hair tends to give a gentle, mild impression, but by boldly shaving it up, the masculinity of the hair is enhanced. By showing off the entire face, the cleanliness of the hair stands out and adds a touch of sexiness to the look. The power of the frizzy perm is demonstrated by the fact that the hair does not look harsh despite its wild atmosphere. This man’s hair is wet and frizzy, so if he wants to change his look, he can change the mood by drying his hair firmly or wearing his bangs down.

▶︎ Styling tips

Apply hair gel to towel-dried hair. Apply gel to hair, being careful not to apply too much, and quickly brush up bangs to avoid extending the curls. Adjust the volume by holding down the beehive and side sections according to the shape of the head, and create a bunchy look at the top to complete the look. The hair is permed and does not require a hairdryer, so even those who are not good at styling can easily try it.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “Loretta Hard Jelly”

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Kinky perm recommended men’s hair 4 “High-tone color combined with a kinky perm to accentuate individuality and softness.

A two-tone design with color from the middle of the hair to the ends is combined with the soft texture of a curly perm. The loose curls accentuate the roundness of the mash and the glamour of the pinkish color. Another highlight is that the hair is not dyed entirely, but left black so that it does not look too expansive. Incidentally, since it is quite difficult to bleach and perm hair at the same time, it would be possible to achieve a similar look by simply dying the hair brighter with Illumina Color or similar. It is also recommended when you are growing out your hair from high-tone hair.

▶︎ Styling tips

Choose oil wax, which is a good combination of oil and wax. Since there is damage from coloring and perms, styling while caring for the hair to prevent it from becoming dry is a must. Do not neglect to take care of your hair on a regular basis, such as by regularly applying hair treatments.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “LebeL Geo Power Oil Creative Hold”

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Kinky perm recommended men’s hair 5: “The Hallyu short mash with a rough hair flow that creates a colorful and sophisticated look.

The Korean style mash is a smart-looking haircut with a heavy bang and smooth hair flow. This stylish look is combined with a frizzy perm to give the hair a sophisticated texture. The key point is that the random perm adds a sense of dynamism and roughness, while leaving the volume of bangs and smooth hair that is typical of Korean mash hair intact. The use of heavy black hair also contributes to the atmosphere. The shallow two-block style balances the clean and heavy look.

▶︎ Styling tips

Dry the hair roughly with air to enhance the texture of the perm. After drying to a certain extent, apply soft wax to palms and rub in as if grabbing a large handful from above. The key to styling is to give the hair a carefree look and not to over-condition the ends.

Recommended styling products for this haircut: ▶︎ “OCEAN TRICO Hair Wax Airy x Keep”

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