What are the characteristics of men who look good with long hair? 20 examples of long hairstyles & tips for setting them.


What are the characteristics of men who look good with long hair? 20 examples of long hairstyles & tips for setting them.

Long hair is slowly gaining popularity among men with fashionable personalities. In this issue, we will focus on “long hair styles for men” and introduce the benefits, how to make it look good, and the hottest hairstyles of the moment.

What are the advantages of long hair for men?

There are several advantages to long hair, but the biggest advantage is that it is easy to arrange. You can simply wear it down, curl it with a hair iron, or tie it up. In addition, there are many hairstyles that do not require much time to set, such as simply putting the hair down or tying it up. Another great point is that by continuing to grow out their hair, they can reduce the frequency of visits to the hair salon. Although maintenance is necessary, such as regularly adjusting the volume and treating the hair if it is dry, it is less frequent than with shorter hairstyles.

Long hair for men is easily seen as unclean. That is why daily hair care is the key to cleanliness!

There is a general perception that “a clean haircut = short, clear hair around the face.” As a corollary to this perception, long hair is easily seen as unclean, so it is important to make it look as clean as possible. To achieve this, it is essential to take care of one’s hair by incorporating hair care into one’s daily routine. For example, use hair milk or hair oil as part of your daily routine, use special care treatments, and avoid leaving your hair wet to prevent damage as much as possible. If you are concerned about hair damage, it may be a good idea to have a special treatment at a hair salon. Incidentally, neglecting hair care can cause hair to dry out and become dry and spread out, to lose luster and firmness, to become thin and thin, and to turn brown or golden at the ends due to the accumulation of damage.

How to grow long hair neatly?

As with clean hair, it is important to take care of damage in order to grow long hair beautifully. And the care method is not limited to treatment. For example, brushing is also important, and incorporating it before shampooing has the advantage of thoroughly removing dirt and allowing hair milk and hair oil to evenly penetrate the hair. Also, if the hair is very damaged, cutting only the ends of the hair in order to stretch it out nicely is also a viable option. If damage has accumulated at the ends of the hair, split ends may develop from there and the hair will grow slower than if only the ends are cut, and the hair will become thin and thin. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a hair salon regularly and have a professional look at the hair before maintenance.

What are the characteristics of men who look good with long hair?

Long hair looks good on men with long faces. This is because it is easy to balance the face and hair, and also prevents the problem of the face length looking too long, which is a disadvantage of long face. Long hair also suits men with soft hair, because it is easy to adjust the silhouette of the haircut. On the contrary, people with round faces are said to not look good with long hair. This is because it is difficult to achieve balance and emphasizes the roundness of the face. As for hair texture, hard, straight hair can be too voluminous and unbalanced. However, hair texture can be controlled to some extent with base products and styling products, and if volume is too much, it can be adjusted with a cut, so don’t give up on long hair because of hair texture.

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