Featured Hairstyles for High School Students! 10 short hair styles for men that look great without waxing!


Featured Hairstyles for High School Students! 10 short hair styles for men that look great without waxing!

In this issue, we will be discussing the theme of “no-wax short hairstyles for high school boys.”

How to make a no-wax hairstyle look cool?

First, we’ll show you some tips for styling without wax.

Blow-drying is important to create a cool-looking hairstyle without wax!

Using the heat from a hair dryer to set the hair is the basic principle. Hair has a tendency to take shape when it cools down from its heated state, so take advantage of that to set your hair. To create volume, lift the hair from the roots. To make it tight, apply warm air to the hair and then change to cold air to fix the hair. There is also a technique of drying hair while applying tension using fingers or a comb to make the hair flow nicely, so apply this technique according to your ideal silhouette.

If you are concerned about frizzy hair, we recommend using a hair iron to straighten it.

If you have frizzy hair that doesn’t stay in place, or if you want a silky haircut, we recommend utilizing a straightening iron. Especially for men’s short hair, a fine hair iron with a width of about 15mm would be easy to use. If it is too much trouble to set your hair with an iron every day, it is also effective to have your hair permed at a hair salon. In addition to straightening and straightening to straighten the hair, a down perm to make the hair fit better is also an effective option.

Find a 15mm width straightening iron.

Secret perm is also an option to add a subtle touch of flair.

If you have cat hair or weak frizzy hair that needs volume but can’t get it, a secret perm is a good option. Secret perm is a perm that is so natural that it does not look like a perm has been applied when the hair is not set. It creates natural volume and flow, so it is perfect for those who want a casual makeover or want to enjoy a frizzy haircut.

If you don’t wax, it’s important to tailor your hairstyle to your hair type and face shape.

If waxing is not used to create 3D texture and movement at the ends of the hair, it is important to style the hair according to the face shape, since the shape of the head is more pronounced. For example, if the face is long, the side tousled hair should be lowered, and for round or square faces, the sides should be shortened and volume should be added at the top to create a diamond-shaped silhouette. It is also effective to take advantage of hair texture, such as smooth sleek hair with flow for those with cat hair, and a haircut with a carefree look for those with frizzy or stiff hair.

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