4 Suggestions for Successful G-Jan Codes for Men in Their 40s


4 Suggestions for Successful G-Jan Codes for Men in Their 40s

Many men in their 40s who experienced the heyday of the American casual boom around the year 2000 would have worn denim jackets and jeans, Red Wing Irish Setters or Clarks Wallabies, and Grosse or Arizona necklaces on their chests as they strolled the streets. I’m sure many of you have been there. Now that time has passed and we are in our 40s, some of us may be thinking, “The style I wore back then is not quite right anymore…” and so on. Now that they are in their 40s, some of them may be thinking, “The styles of those days just don’t suit me anymore…”? In addition to such fashion freaks, we will share some suggestions on how to dress for men in their 40s, including those who are not familiar with the G-janes, with examples of snapshots taken in the past.

(1) Strict adherence to the rule of “no more than three colors” will bring you closer to sophistication when it comes to G-jean coordination for men in their 40s!

Men in their 40s have probably realized that the adage “too much is better than too little” or “too little is better than too much” is probably true in their lives. In men’s G-jean styles, too much should be avoided, and in particular, it is safe to keep the number of colors to a minimum. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the shortcut to a sophisticated impression. The man in the snapshot below is wearing only three colors: blue, black, and white.

Editor Mitsui
I’ve seen a lot of untrue information out there, such as that men in their 40s should choose a one-wash denim jacket, but don’t be misled. I think faded denim jackets like the one in the above snapshot are perfectly acceptable, depending on how you coordinate them. If you have a denim jacket on hand, please explore ways to make the most of it, rather than trying to buy a new one out of the blue.

(2) The G-jean ✖️ sweatshirt parka style for men in their 40s should be “more black” for a sleek impression.

The combination of a denim jacket and a sweatshirt hoodie is a standard casual style. However, it is undeniable that men in their 40s who adopt this style without thinking about it may end up looking casual and childish, which is inappropriate for their age. There are many ways to avoid the negative impression, but the easiest is to increase the amount of black and other dark-toned items in the overall coordination. As you can see from the snaps below, this is a casual style, but it can keep a sleek look.

Editor Mitsui
A denim jacket and a sweatshirt hoodie is a classic style, but if you want to leave a definite sophisticated impression for men in their 40s, I personally recommend that you choose a clean, solid color for the hoodie. As for the fabric, if possible, a smooth surface fabric with reduced thickness, rather than a thick, lumpy sweatshirt, is easier to look shapely in terms of both texture and silhouette. In addition, the man in the above snapshot has chosen eyewear with blue lenses to match the denim and a white T-shirt layered from the hem, which also contributes to a good, fashionable look.

Suggestion (3): A “dress-style break-up” G-jean coordinate that gives men in their 40s a good-looking older man’s look!

The standard combination of slacks and plain-toe leather shoes with a tailored jacket on the upper half of the body is a classic, but how about a denim jacket for a different look? In other words, it is a daring way to break up the dress style, and there are many stylish men at Pitti Womo and other fashion shows who make full use of this kind of technique. This is something that men in their 40s should definitely master, as they are increasingly being asked to change their behavior in response to the situation at hand.

Editor Mitsui
Alden’s leather shoes, especially the brand’s iconic ” 9901 ” plain toe, are highly recommended for this kind of style. It goes perfectly with jeans, and if you don’t mind wearing it with a suit, it will not look out of place. If you haven’t gotten it yet, please check it out.

Suggestion (4): “G-jeans under outerwear” Master this clever and advanced technique and become a man who is a head above the rest!

G-jeans are generally worn as outerwear in spring and fall, but we would like you to master the method of wearing a denim jacket as innerwear with outerwear over it. Not only does this give you the look of an advanced fashionista, but it also expands the seasons in which you can use your denim jackets. While it is possible to wear a multi-colored outfit like the man below, keeping the number of colors to a minimum in such an outfit will increase the probability of a successful coordination.

Editor Mitsui
If there are men who have not picked up many G-jans in the past, I think the main reason is that “the time when they can be used is quite short.” It can be worn not only with a long coat or other outerwear, but also with a turtleneck knit under a denim jacket, as the man in the above snapshot does. In fact, G-jeans have a wide range of uses and can be worn for a long season, so if you haven’t tried it yet, please consider it!

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