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5 specific strategies to make “slacks” and “sneakers” work together.


5 specific strategies to make "slacks" and "sneakers" work together.

Among the mix-and-match styles that are constantly evolving, the coordination of “slacks” and “sneakers” seems to have established itself as a staple. We will introduce specific measures to make such a coordinated look fashionable, along with some notable snapshots.

(1) “White leather sneakers are the royal road to go with slacks

Simple white leather sneakers” continue to be popular as the most popular sneakers that go with slacks. In particular, standard models such asCommon Projects’ Achilles,Zespa’s ZSP4, and Alexander McQueen’s Oversized Sneaker are a must have for any adult male. They are sure to come in handy not only for holiday coordination, but also for casual office wear.

Leather-faced sneakers are a strong choice if you want to maintain a dressy look.

If you want to maintain a relaxed yet dressy look, sneakers with a leather upper design are a good choice. The models made by specialized shoe brands such as PELLICO SUNNY and Doucal’s are a good mix of the look of dress shoes and the comfort of sneakers.

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(2) “If the slacks have a narrow hem, wear them at a shorter length that doesn’t touch the back of your sneakers.

Wearing slacks with a tapered silhouette that tapers toward the leg and a hem width of less than 20 cm with a longer length tends to disrupt the smart silhouette. When wearing slim slacks with a narrow hem width, it is recommended to adjust the pant length to a length that does not touch the back of the sneakers. Some fashionable people overseas can be seen wearing slacks with a cropped length. It is also a good idea to own a pair of slacks that have been hemmed to a comfortable length in advance.

(3) “The current trend is to wear full-length slacks with wide hems.

Slacks with a loose-fitting silhouette designed with a wide hem width of over 24cm, which have been in fashion for the past few years. The latest snapshots show that many fashionable people are wearing full-length wide slacks. While the oversized Balenciaga style, which is leading the oversized slacks trend, may be difficult to wear with a dragging hem, a half to one cushion length slack can easily be worn by adults while maintaining a classy atmosphere.

4) “If you want to enjoy stylish mixed coordination, keep in mind the balance between dress and casual wear.

If you are combining slacks and sneakers as a means of fashion, you should be aware that the overall dress and casual tastes should be in a 5:5 balance. For example, a dress item might be a tailored jacket and slacks, while a casual item might be a T-shirt and sneakers. In addition, each brand also offers casual items that are similar to dressy items and dress items with a casual feel, depending on the material and tailoring, and vice versa.

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5) “For a modern look, combine wide slacks and thick-soled sneakers.”

Finally, we introduce a combination that can be used as a reference when considering the coordination of slacks and sneakers from a trend perspective. 2024 should focus on the combination of slacks with a wide silhouette all the way to the hem and thick-soled sneakers. As mentioned in the section above, wide slacks should be worn in full-length with a wide hem, and sneakers with a little volume in the sole, such as Nike’s Air Force 1,Yasuhiro Mihara’s BLAKEY, or Autry’s MEDALIST, should be chosen.

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