Stylishly Layer Up: A Guide to Men’s Brown Cardigan Fashion and Coordination


Stylishly Layer Up: A Guide to Men's Brown Cardigan Fashion and Coordination

Cardigans are useful for temperature control and layering during the cold season, and their relaxed look can be worn both beautifully and loosely. In particular, brown cardigans have a soft and relaxed atmosphere that matches the texture of knitwear, and when combined with navy items, monotone items, and earthy-colored items, they bring a special sense of stylishness. In this issue, we focus on the “brown cardigan” and introduce tips on how to wear it, men’s coordinates for reference, and recommended items!

What impression does a brown cardigan give?

The brown cardigan, a darker shade of warm colors such as red and orange with black added, is an item that evokes nature and gives off an impression of warmth, gentleness, and comfort. It matches the soft texture of knitwear, creating a relaxed atmosphere that blends well with a calm, mature atmosphere. The low saturation of this color makes it look more subdued than other colors, so care must be taken when matching colors, selecting items, and wearing it with other colors.

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What colors of innerwear and bottoms go well with brown cardigans?

Colors of innerwear and bottoms that go well with brown cardigans are black, white, ivory, and beige. For a more lively look, choose black or white, while ivory or beige items are best if you want a similar color that is easy to blend and yet avoids a somber impression. Next, navy is a strong choice that expresses “Azzurro e Marrone,” a color combination favored by fashionable Italians. However, the impression will vary considerably depending on the placement of colors and the amount of color, so it is important to look at the overall balance from a bird’s eye view and determine the “right balance” that allows the charm of the brown cardigan to shine through.

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How to avoid looking plain with a brown cardigan

If you choose to dress only in similar or earthy colors because they go well with brown cardigans and are easy to blend in, you may end up looking plain and uninspired. Therefore, it is essential to choose items with an awareness of the contrast and balance between the lightness and saturation of the brown cardigan, and to add depth and breadth to the styling. Pair black items with brown to create a cool impression that suppresses the mildness and sweetness of brown, and white items to accentuate the elegant, beautiful, and gentle atmosphere of the brown cardigan. If you combine white and beige items with a brown cardigan as the main feature, it is not difficult to create a stylish latte coordinate while avoiding the appearance of plainness.

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Examples of men’s coordination using brown cardigans

Cordage #1: “A smart outfit with a brown cardigan and wide gray pants that avoids looking plain by using a white T-shirt as an inner layer.”

Shawn Mendes pairs a brown cardigan that exudes warmth and a sense of dust with wide gray pants. The cardigan and bottoms alone are not saturated enough to make them look plain, but the use of a white T-shirt as an inner layer refreshes the impression and gives the look an akashiraku feel.

Manuel Ritz brown cardigan

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Coordinate #2: “Azzurro emarone,” the fashionista’s signature combination of navy and blue items and a brown cardigan.

A navy P coat, brown cardigan, indigo blue denim shirt with navy dotted tie, and faded blue jeans express “Azzurro e Marrone,” a stylish color combination that is the specialty of Italian fashionistas. Azzurro e Marrone,” a stylish color combination in which Italian designers excel. The denim items add just the right amount of roughness, while the exquisite color scheme creates a tied-up style that does not feel stiff. The checkered brown scarf peeking out from the pocket in response to the brown cardigan is also a nice touch.

BEAMS Brown cardigan

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Coordinate 3: “If you’re styling an oversized or long brown cardigan as the star of the show, the main axis of the coordinate should always be black items.

If you are styling a trendy oversized or long brown cardigan as the star of the show, a cool black item should be used as the axis of the coordinate, which is a common technique for fashionable people. By pulling together the gentle atmosphere and sweetness of the brown cardigan with the black items inside, an urban look is completed and the overall appearance is perfect. As shown in the snapshot below, slim-fit or skinny-fit bottoms can be worn, or wide pants or baggy black jeans can be worn for a more modern look, or shorts and leggings can be layered for an athletic look.

Cordage 4: “A brown cardigan is inserted into a brown leather bomber jacket to suppress the martial spirit of the men’s coordinate.

A brown leather A-2 flight jacket with a solid patch is layered with a shawl collar brown cardigan, indigo blue denim shirt, and white T-shirt. White denim and brown work boots tie the lower half of the body together, and the brown cardigan, which is in sync with the color of the boots, restrains the bomber jacket’s martial appearance. The way the brown cardigan is worn, with only the middle button fastened at a single point to allow the inner lining to be seen, is also not to be overlooked.

FEDELI Brown cardigan

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Coordinate 5: “Brown jackets and a brown cardigan tied-up style with a mouton brown blouson for a touch of class.”

This winter outfit uses a brown cardigan with different tone switching and a tied-up shirt as innerwear, and is attractively put together with layers of various brown items. A rich mouton brown blouson is added to create a sense of class, while the white boa detailing on the blouson gives the outfit a relaxed look that avoids looking plain. Note the combination of items with different textures that create a sense of depth and dimension.

Polo Ralph Lauren brown cardigan

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Coordinate ⑥ “A winter outfit with a twist by layering a checkered stainless-colored coat with a gown-like brown cardigan.

This gentleman left the front of his brown plaid stainless-steel collar coat open with a belt to create a loose look, and layered it with a gown-like brown cardigan to give a twist to his outfit. A black turtleneck sweater peeks out from the neckline to tighten the impression around the face, while white slacks with a center-crease accentuate the contrast with the upper body. A brown cardigan with a strong presence, even through the front of a not so wide coat, is a good choice.


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