Exploring the Fresh and Youthful Charm of Blue Knitwear: Men’s Coordination Tips and Recommendations


Exploring the Fresh and Youthful Charm of Blue Knitwear: Men's Coordination Tips and Recommendations

Blue knitwear is ideal for creating an intellectual, elegant, fresh, and youthful impression. It is also useful for freshening up a coordinated look, and is an item that brings a freshness that is hard to find in safe black or gray. In this issue, we focus on such “blue knitwear,” and introduce men’s coordination and recommended items for reference!

About the appeal of blue knitwear

Blue knitwear varies greatly in impression, from vivid blue that accentuates with its vivid hue to light blue that is more subdued. The less intense navy-like color gives a more formal and dignified impression, while the brighter light blue and saxe blue are ideal for creating a fresh, youthful impression and a sense of transparency.

Blue is also a cold color, which contrasts with warm colors such as red and brown, which blend well with the skin. For those who usually wear warm-toned items, blue knitwear is useful for refreshing their impression. Blue knitwear is also an effective way to create a clean look that is different from noble navy or white, which has a good neutralizing power.

How to choose a blue knit?

The impression of blue knitwear differs greatly depending on the tone, so it is important to select knitwear based on the overall consideration of coloring, lightness and darkness, and knitting fabric. To create a fresh and fresh look, choose a vivid blue. To create a fresh, youthful impression and a sense of transparency, choose a light blue.

Incidentally, blue-greenish colors such as “Tiffany blue,” which is widely recognized as a luxurious color, and “royal blue,” a deep purplish blue derived from the official color of the British Royal Family, are not recommended. Because of their luxurious image, these colors are ideal for elevating an outfit.

What color bottoms go well with blue knits?

Bottom colors that go well with blue knitwear are achromatic black, white, gray, and similar colors including navy. Brown bottoms are also a good choice if you want to express the classic “Azzurro e Marrone” color combination that Italians are known for with blue knitwear.

Examples of outfits using blue knitwear

Cordage #1: “Azzurro e Marrone” is the axis of the corde with a blue knit and brown jackets to style up a winter men’s corde.

A camel tailored jacket, brown tapered trousers, and a blue knit are combined with jackets to express the “azulo e marrone” style that Italian designers are known for. The white T-shirt flashed from the hem and the boutonniere of the coat are linked to create a sophisticated look, while the blue knit with its good coloring refreshes the impression of the outfit.


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Coordinate 2: “A turtleneck blue knit and navy velour pants give a fresh look to a black double coat style with a structured silhouette.”

A black double chester coat with a masculine, structured shoulder line is paired with a turtleneck blue knit and navy velour pants. The coat and laced-up boots accelerate the modish look, while the turtleneck blue knit and navy velour pants in the same color axis give a fresh impression. The cable knit of the blue knit, which peeks out slightly from the V-zone of the coat, keeps the black coat’s chic look in check to a good degree.

Zanone blue knit

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Coordinate 3: “Blue knit and blue baggy jeans wipe out the wildness of this work-inspired casual coordinate.”

The knit hat, blue knit, and indigo blue baggy jeans are all in the same color, and the olive plaid flannel jacket and Red Wing Irish setters create a work atmosphere. The use of a ribbed blue knit like indigo blue with good coloration as an inner layer freshens up the look of the coordination while avoiding a wild or plain look. Nice incorporation of baggy jeans that function as a bridge between color and style.

Nudie Jeans blue knit

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Coordinate 4: “A stylish jackets style that blends a turtleneck blue knit with a navy velour jacket in the same color.

A navy velour double jacket and a turtleneck blue knit are worn together to blend the upper body with similar colors, and a pair of playful checkered gray slacks with a Union Jack motif are set on the body. The checkered gray slacks with an unexpected motif and brown leather shoes that are a hybrid of trekking boots and moccasin shoes complete the jacket style with a twist. The combination of a blue knit and a navy velour jacket, both in the same color but with different textures to create a rhythm, is also a nice touch.


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Coordinate 5: “Add a twist to a casual winter men’s coordinate with a damaged blue knit that is both clean and rugged.

A mischievous logo scarf is worn over a beige chester coat with the collar up, and a damaged crew-neck blue knit is coordinated with blackish trousers and PONY white and red sneakers. While the outline of the styling is perfectly put together beautifully, the damaged blue knit gives the outfit a twist that is both clean and rugged.

MARNI Blue Knit

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Coordinate 6: “Layered style of a checkered chester coat with a turtleneck blue knit and a blue denim jacket as innerwear “

A turtleneck blue knit and indigo blue denim jacket with a faded look are layered under a checkered chester coat with a fine check pattern. Black tapered pants and black low-cut sneakers give a cool, tightened look to the coordination, giving it just the right amount of pop without playing too much with the colors. The contrast between the thick-boned denim jacket and the mild and fresh turtleneck knit is a great contrast!

Coordinate 7: “A crew-neck blue knit combined with slim black pants that go well together for a clean, casual look.

The gentleman here combines a crew-neck blue knit with a large open neckline, a black T-shirt, and black slim pants for a clean, elegant look. Although conservative, the blue knit gives a different look from the basic black, gray, or navy. The moderately loose silhouette of the blue knit, which does not pick up the lines of the body too much, is very current.

YMC blue knit

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