Special feature on waterproof men’s backpacks! Recommended items for rainy days!


Special feature on waterproof men's backpacks! Recommended items for rainy days!

Many people have experienced a sudden rainstorm that has soaked the contents of their backpacks. If a waterproof backpack can be used on a downpour without worry, there is nothing better than having one. In this issue, we focus on “waterproof backpacks,” and introduce some key points and recommended items for choosing one!

What are the three key points to look for in selecting a waterproof backpack?

(1) What determines the waterproof performance of a rucksack is the material and stitching specifications of the rucksack.

One of the most important points in choosing a waterproof backpack is the material used for the fabric. If the specs are about the level of waterproofing for daily life, there is no problem if you choose a rucksack made of nylon or polyester. If the material is ” ballistic nylon,” which is high-density and strong, or ” tarpaulin,” which is polyester-based fiber coated with a synthetic resin, you can expect higher waterproof performance. In addition, seamless fabrics that prevent water from penetrating through the seams are completely waterproof and can be used outdoors.

Point (2) The backpack with excellent waterproof property is also particular about the opening.

Waterproof backpacks have two main types of openings. There are two main types of openings for waterproof backpacks: roll-top type and zipper type. The roll-top type is designed to prevent water from entering by covering the opening with a top lid. If you are concerned about the waterproofness of the zipper type, you should pay attention to whether or not the fabric is used to hide the zipper part and whether or not a watertight zipper is used.

(3) Check the capacity and functionality according to your use.

If the bag is to be used for outdoor activities or travel, it must have a reasonable storage capacity. If you are commuting to work, you do not need that much capacity, but a sleeve for a laptop computer or a pocket for business tools would be useful. Functionality, such as easy access to frequently used items, should also be considered.

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