Yellow knit special! 4 different techniques and recommendations to incorporate into men’s coordination.


Yellow knit special! 4 different techniques and recommendations to incorporate into men's coordination.

Yellow knitwear gives a vivacious impression in spring, and is a great color pick in fall and winter. Although yellow knitwear is more difficult to wear than monotone or navy, if you succeed, you can achieve a coordinated look that exudes an overwhelming sense of style. In this issue, we pick up stylish men’s outfits that incorporate yellow knitwear, while introducing tips on how to wear it and items to look out for!

Yellow knitwear can easily be worn in a stylish way once you get the hang of it! Here are 4 patterns that stylish people have adopted for their outfits!

Yellow knitwear may seem a bit difficult to incorporate into your outfits. Although there are few opportunities to see yellow knitwear on the streets of Japan, a certain number of fashionable men are wearing yellow knitwear in their outfits at Pitti Uomo, one of the world’s largest men’s fashion fairs. First of all, let us introduce you to the four common outfits of these fashionable people!

Yellow knit men’s coordination technique (1) “Casually link the color with details of other items!

By matching yellow knitwear with other items that subtly incorporate yellow details, you can spice up your outfit and create a unified impression. For example, pairing it with items that have details in a similar color, gold, is a great option. Fashionable people attending Pitti were seen wearing yellow knitwear with blazers and P coats with gold buttons. We also recommend adding a yellow patterned scarf and other accessories.

Yellow knit men’s coordination technique 2: “Coordinate with a contrasting color!

This technique is to create a contrast by choosing items of contrasting tones and coloring to the yellow knit. By combining a bright yellow knit with a chic black or navy item, you can achieve a stylish and crisp coordination. To create a strong sense of contrast, it is recommended that the number of colors be kept to two or three, rather than too many. By limiting the number of colors, you can maintain the impression of a sophisticated adult.

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