Navy Cardigan Cordage Codes Men’s Special! From classy office wear to casual wear.


Navy Cardigan Cordage Codes Men's Special! From classy office wear to casual wear.

This navy cardigan blends well with suits, jackets, and other office attire, and its noble charm and the soft atmosphere of knitwear make it a smart choice for men’s coordination. It is a perfect item to add a mild finish to a beautiful outfit or to add a classy and elegant atmosphere to a rough outfit. In this issue, we focus on the navy cardigan and introduce styling and recommended items for the fashionable who exude sex appeal! To see only navy cardigan snaps, check #Navy Cardigan on the snap page.

Navy cardigan with tied-up jackets and inserts

The navy cardigan insert adds a touch of nobility to the austere, clean-cut jacket style in gray and navy tones. The gray check jacket and grayish navy slacks create an elegant business style with a mature and dignified atmosphere. The navy cardigan neutralizes the edgy accessories that betray the impression of the coordinate without making the wearer feel uncomfortable.

JOHN SMEDLEY Navy Cardigan

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The rough texture of this navy cardigan knitted between the legs adds expression to a men’s coordinate

A three-dimensional volume, which is generally expressed by the word ” roughness,” is a characteristic of a knitted fabric made by alternating the knitting of the front and back sides of the fabric. The large drape of a pullover stands out when the wearer moves, but in the case of a cardigan, the drape is modest because it is open in the front, creating a quiet, mature atmosphere. This gentleman wears an ankle-length gray slacks with a navy baby-bed-knit cardigan. The navy and gray color combination enhances the level of sophistication, while the Hermes-style patterned scarf around the neck adds a touch of elegant color to the style.

AL DUCA D’AOSTA 1902 Navy cardigan

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A folkloric patterned navy cardigan and blue jeans express a winter American casual look.

Folklore patterned knitted cardigans, such as Native American geometric patterns and Ortega patterns, are ideal for winter American casual wear. This combination of a navy cardigan with a distinctive reddish-orange color and straight blue jeans with a folded hem completes the clean-colored impression of a flamboyant American casual style without an earthy feel. The footwear for this look is not sporty sneakers, but rather masculine work boots, which give the look a wild and masculine feel.

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