Knit Jacket Men’s Special! How to choose innerwear and what items to look for with the hottest coordinates!


Knit Jacket Men's Special! How to choose innerwear and what items to look for with the hottest coordinates!

This knit jacket is not as formal as a tailored jacket, but can be worn as easily as a cardigan. Many brands are now producing knit jackets, which are becoming more and more popular in the increasingly casual business style. In this issue, we focus on knit jackets and introduce the most popular men’s coordination and items to look out for!

What is a knit jacket that is both loose and classy?

As the name suggests, a knit jacket is a jacket made of knit material instead of woven fabric. While it has the relaxed comfort of a cardigan, it has an elegant tailored collar that gives it a mature look. It is an item that is gaining popularity not only for coordinating on weekends and holidays, but also as an option for office casual wear in this day and age when casual business style is encouraged. With the recent prosperity of the business casual style, many knit jackets are being developed not only by knitwear brands, but also by popular brands and leading select stores that specialize in dress items.

How to wear a knit jacket?

Depending on the coordination, knit jackets are highly versatile and can create a solid impression or a loose look. Moreover, there is a wide range of variations, from high-gauge, beautiful jackets to low-gauge, effortless jackets. For example, if you wear a T-shirt or other cut-and-sew inside, it can be styled as if you were wearing a cardigan, like the gentleman shown here, without being overbearing.

Tied-up shirts with knit jackets are also a fun way to dress up a knit jacket!

You can also try wearing a shirt and tie as an inner layer. In the styling below, a denim shirt is worn over an effortless knit jacket and tied up. A knit tie was chosen to match the knit jacket, creating not only a sense of unity, but also a relaxed atmosphere that is both beautiful and relaxed. Leather shoes are a good choice for footwear, but simple sneakers made of suede material also go well with the moderately casual and moderately beautiful styling.

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