Knit/sweater coding suggestions and men’s recommended items!


Knit/sweater coding suggestions and men's recommended items!

Knit sweaters are a mainstay of normcore and quiet luxury. In this issue, we introduce the key to wearing such knit/sweater, men’s coordinates from overseas for reference, and recommended items!

It is correct to use different gauges and designs of knitwear/sweaters depending on the style you are aiming for.

Sweaters come in a variety of neckline styles, including crew necks, V-necks, and roll necks, and give different impressions depending on the thickness of the yarn and the expression of the knitted fabric. In general, expressive low-gauge knitwear is the mainstay of casual outfits, while high-gauge knitwear, which creates an elegant impression with a modest assertiveness, is suited to elegant styling and blends in well with dresses, making it ideal as an inner layer for suits, tailored jackets, and overcoats.

Sweater Wearing Suggestion 1: “Choose black, gray or navy blue for an urban look

Plain black, gray, and navy blue sweaters are perfect for urban chic adult styling. Whether worn as the main top or as an innerwear, they will enhance the sophistication and style of your coordination.

Sweater Wearing Suggestion #2: “A relaxed look with a laid-back silhouette.

Nowadays, effortless styling with a relaxed feel has become the mainstream, and the relaxed look is expressed with a loose silhouette or an oversized sweater. Nowadays, the oversized sweaters are not extremely big silhouettes, but rather “just a little bit loose” and moderately oversized. You should be able to get both a sophisticated and trendy look at once.

Sweater Wearing Suggestion 3: “Express an athletic style in a beautiful way.

Just by combining a sweater with easy pants and sneakers, it is possible to express an athletic style in a beautiful way. Sweatshirt sweatshirts and sweatshirt parkas are too sports-oriented and may look like training wear, but knit sweaters give a strong impression of cleanliness and a fresh finish to the look.

Take a look at international street snapshots using sweaters! Find your ideal men’s coordination!

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